SONG PICK: Joel Porter – St. Anthony

Joel Porter is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter originally from North Dakota, who creates atmospheric folk songs with an ethereal, electronic twist. His first single “St. Anthony” is simply beautiful in how it builds from a quiet acoustic song into multi-layered electro-pop gem. Joel has also an EP “Mountain Twin” with three[…]

3 Is A Band: Big Bliss

Listening through the Northside Festival 2017 showcasing bands, I didn’t come far at first because… Big Bliss got my full attention and their debut EP “Keep Near” on heavy repeat despite wanting to make it through the entire list of bands. This Brooklyn-based three piece creates incredibly gorgeous shoegazey guitar[…]

SONG PICK: Angharad Drake – Honey In The Rock

“Honey In The Rock” starts out irresistibly pure and bright, and intensifies over time. Angharad Drake, based in Brisbane, Australia keeps the track mesmerizing by not loosing sight of what’s really magnificent here: her clean vocals and the hypnotizing repetition. Listen to “Honey In The Rock”, our Song Pick of the Day, now and stream it[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Shadow Monster – City in My Sailboat

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Gillian Visco goes by the stage name Shadow Monster and she plays her latest single “City in My Sailboat” to an audience of monsters, albeit cute stuffed ones. The video shows an intimate setting that moves from the meta-level of recording a live performance in an apartment to[…]

SONG PICK: Holy Boy – Lay Your Hands

Helene Alexandra Jaeger aka Holy Boy is originally from Norway, but lives in L.A. Those two places mark different ends of the electro-pop spectrum and Holy Boy take cues from both of them. In “Lay Your Hand” a constant, heavy drum beat over a drone keeps an ominous vibe, but[…]

Five Festival Questions for GIRL SKIN

Girl Skin is a Brooklyn band, led by singer/songwriter Sid Simons and multi-instrumentalist Bailey Blu, plus Sophie Cozine (vocals) and Alex Harwood (bass) and we were more than excited that we hosted their second show ever. Brimming with promise and vision, Girl Skin has already a few songs under their[…]

SONG PICK: Gonzalla – T.M.V.

Something familiar and delightful is happening in “T.M.V.” the new single by L.A.-based indie-pop artist Cody Randall, who goes by Gonzalla. The track is super catchy in its bouncy brightness and its pulsating rhythm while the smooth vocals making it all come together to something truly blissful, recalling those dreamy summer nights. Listen[…]

Five Festival Questions for Blonde Maze

Brainstorming about the lineup for our Northside Festival showcase, one name came up immediately and we knew we simply want to have HER: Blonde Maze! Amanda Steckler is the musician behind Blonde Maze and we have been enchanted by her music since song picking “Letters I Never Sent” in 2015. Seeing[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Mothica – Heavy Hearted EP

“Heady Hearted” is the second EP by Brooklyn singer/producer Mothica, who has created her own brand of catchy but edgy pop music that avoids the pitfalls of over-production and pop cliches. And then there are her unique, powerful but vulnerable vocals. Listen to “Heavy Hearted” on Spotify or Apple Music:

SONG PICK: Feels – Gates

Feels are singer/songwriter Sofi Meronen and keyboardist Michael Myrskog together with producer Joel Jons. their lush and moods electro-pop track “Gates” has been a highlight on my new music play list for a while, so I’m presenting it as our Song Pick of the Day: