NEW MUSIC: Maya Lazaro – Nothing (Video)

Brooklyn-based musician Maya Lazaro goes with “Nothing” but love into this summer. For whom we don’t know as she dances mostly alone through the backyards and rooftops of the city, but she radiates so much joy that I’m sure that her sweetheart is not far away. “Nothing” is an unabashedly[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Gordon Raphael – View From Blue

Don’t judge a book by its cover or a song by its title but “View From Blue” – got me at, well exactly that. While listening to the guitar heavy track for the very first time (hard to remember now after countless repeats), I remember that beautifully warm and fuzzy[…]

SONG PICK: Sacre – Forever Young

Parisian duo Sacre does French synth pop. Clearly: Vintage-sounding synths and heavy vocal processing, all check. But it (almost) always works well together for a pleasant and rousing listening experience and “Forever Young” is no exception. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

Excited About: Birch – Not Human (EP)

There is something remarkable to the way Michelle Birsky, singer and songwriter in the Brooklyn duo Birch delivers the songs on their latest EP “Not Human”: the four tracks feature bright, soaring vocals and synths, yet the lyrics speak of disorientation and social dysfunction. That increases the the impact of[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sera Eke – The Space Between Us

Sera Eke is a new artist from London and we have covered her debut song “Space Between Us” as our Song Pick two weeks ago. Now she complements the track with a completely self-produced video, which adds a gripping, sad story to the already dramatic music. Even though it is[…]

3 Is A Band: Charlie Johns

When I came across Charlie Johns recently, I totally liked what I was listening to, looked at the band photos, listened a bit more and scheduled a 3 Is A Band feature since this band is not only comprised of Charlie Johns (singer, songwriter) but also Daniel Foster (bass) and Kieron[…]

SONG PICK: Sleep Thieves – Is This Ready?

“Is This Ready” is a beautifully dark and hypnotic track, with heavy electronic beats and suspenseful, deep vocals alternating with soothingly bright ones. In short, the new single by Dublin-dwelling three-piece Sleep Thieves is as stunning as it is irresistible, holding the perfect balance of push and pull. Sleep Thieves[…]

SONG PICK: Tawiah – Queens

We recently moved to the New York borough of Queens, so alone from that perspective “Queens” resonates with me. Of course, this is not at all what London-based singer Tawiah has in mind with her latest song, which features a piano, a Spanish guitar and polyrhythms. There is a lot[…]

SONG PICK: Among Savages – If You See Her

“If You See Her” is ultra-gorgeous and the new single by Los Angeles-based Peter Barbee, who goes by Among Savages. “If You See Her” evolves like a great movie or a wonderful novel, with a prelude, different plot-points, a climax, lots of suspense in-between and the grand finale of course.[…]