Excited About: Birch – Not Human (EP)



Excited About: Birch – Not Human (EP)

There is something remarkable to the way Michelle Birsky, singer and songwriter in the Brooklyn duo Birch delivers the songs on their latest EP “Not Human”: the four tracks feature bright, soaring vocals and synths, yet the lyrics speak of disorientation and social dysfunction. That increases the the impact of the message, but maybe it also expresses the odd gap between our daily lives and what we are reading in the news.

Check out photos from Birch at their enchanting show at The Delancey.

Get into the groove of things by listening to the first track “Same Colors”, showcasing Michelle’s dazzling vocals, alternating with Mat Towles’ soulful ones, creating a charming pop song with lyrical depth:

Listen to “Not Human” on Apple Music or Spotify:

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