SONG PICK: Sgrow – Feel Something

Here is a new one by Norwegian electronic duo Sgrow. “Feel Something” has the same chills-inducing intensity as its predecessor “Is Anybody Where They Want to Be” plus some Aphex-Twin-inspired synth craziness. But it is very much Vilde Nupen’s haunted vocals that stop you in your tracks when this song[…]

SONG PICK: courtship. – Perfect People

One would assume that Los Angeles is full of either “Perfect People” or people who strive to be perfect. The latest track by L.A. duo courtship tackles this topic in a lighthearted, upbeat way: in the end you are happier if you accept who you are. Listen to “Prefect People”,[…]

Excited About: Ellen Allien – Nost

Some techno music can is like an influx of pure energy. Put it on headphones and its relentless, repetitive and slowly changing beats will drive you forward. “Nost”, the new album by Berlin electronic producer Ellen Allien is an excellent case in point. Enjoy!

SONG PREMIERE: Impure – Gin & Ice

Ini Edwards and Rob Sparx, the musicians behind the British electronic dance duo Impure, are about to release a new EP on June 3oth via NexGen music. The album holds five captivating tracks, each a little electronic gem in its own rights. There is one song though that took my music[…]

SONG PICK: Modern Crowds – Eye Of The Storm

While “Eye Of The Storm” is ultra-gorgeous in its own rights, with its sophisticated rhythm mix, the soothing vocals and its overall mesmerizing vibe, no other than Radiohead come to mind when listening this new single by Jersey-shore quartet Modern Crowds. Yet that comparison is nothing but a good thing, if[…]

SONG PICK: Amelie No – Stranger Body

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Stranger Body” is about adapting to internal changes and it is wrapped into a soulful track that is driven forward by decidedly acoustic beat until it culminates in a furious saxophone solo. Quebec-based singer Amelie No has been more in the rock music scene[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: The Woman With No Head – Unearthed

The Woman with No Head is a French guitarist, who experiments with alternate tuning and electronics to create ethereal soundscapes. Her latest release “Unearthed” takes you onto a journey into space with unknown destination. Put it on headphones and drift away with the music.

SONG PICK: Aggressive Swans – Every Teardrop

“Every Teardrop” is a beautifully fresh flashback when synth-pop was all the rage, with its crazy-cool beats and overall irresistible catchiness. Munich-based duo Aggressive Swans are onto something with “Every Teardrop” which could as easily have been created in Los Angeles, London or New York. Granted, I am especially excited[…]

SONG PICK: Age – Peak

Age are the London-based duo of Gavin Dwight and Jen Cosgrave who released with “Peaks” a wonderfully relaxed and melodic debut single. The song is about “people around us crossing over the line of what’s safe and not taking care of themselves”, something that happens a lot in a time[…]