SONG PICK: Ani Glass – Dal I Droi



SONG PICK: Ani Glass – Dal I Droi

There is a good deal of exciting music coming out of Wales, but rarely it is a sung in the Welsh language. Under the stage name of Ani Glass, Cardiff-based singer/producer Ani Saunders wants to connect with her language and culture, but she also seeks a larger audience, who are not likely to understanding the words. No matter, though: with ethereal soundscapes and her beautiful voice the language becomes part of the melody itself. And if you want to know what she is singing about, here’s the translation (as per her Soundcloud):

The moon and I, the sky and we in darkness, A light consumed by night can be so heartless, Fame it burns a golden glow surrounds you, I close my eyes so tight and hope to find you.
It’s another day.

Listen to “Dal I Droi”, our Song Pick of the Day now:

Ani Glass also has an EP “Ffrwydrad Tawel” out. Listen on Soundcloud.

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