PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo Live at Iron Bear Bar (SXSW)



PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo Live at Iron Bear Bar (SXSW)

Seeing Dead Leaf Echo live is always a treat, hands down. The show they put on for this year’s SXSW at Austin’s Iron Bear Bar was one for the ages, though! When approaching the venue, which is located up the hill on 8th street, we could already hear our favorite Brooklyn shoegazers rock out.

Luckily, Dead Leaf Echo had just started their set and we were immediately immersed in a lively show, with LG (vocals, guitar), Ana (guitar, vocals), Kevin (drums) and Steve (bass) playing all my favorite songs of theirs – long time favs like “So.Wrong” and also the brand new “Strawberry Skin” were all dished up. From what I’ve learned later, the four decide for each show individually which songs from their active repertoire of about 20 songs they play live, so this guarantees that each performance is slightly different from the next and audiences don’t really have the same experience twice. Take THAT for ‘live’ and ‘in the moment’!

If I wouldn’t love Dead Leaf Echo already, this show in particular would have sealed the deal but hey, there is another show just around the corner when they celebrate their EP release on May 13th at Brooklyn’s Alphaville (tickets here) before they go on tour in Europe (dates here.) and then back again in Brooklyn right in time for Northside Festival.

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== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Listen to the gorgeous “Strawberry Skin” and hear more from the EP at its release party, May 13th 2017 at Alphaville, BK:


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