PHOTOS: SHEARE Live @ La Esquina (EP Release)

Writing songs, recording them, selecting the best and bundle them into an EP is no small feat. Hence, celebrating the debut of such an EP deserves a proper environment and Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist SHEARE found this perfectly in Williamsburg’s La Esquina. What a wonderful time we had! The space was intimate enough to[…]

SONG PICK: PAVEY ARK – Hidden Hills (Video)

“Hidden Hills” by English alternative acoustic quintet Pavey Ark, is a winning charmer with its dynamic, playful and intricate vibe. Acoustic guitars with lots of finger picking, soft yet but at the same time powerful vocals, violins, steady drums all creating an intensifying sound that is as appealing as it is ultimately absolutely[…]

NEW MUSIC: Elohim – Skinny Legs (Video)

L.A. producer and singer Elohim is a fascinating artist. We have already featured her latest track “Skinny Legs” as a turn into grittier territories after her self-titled debut EP. Now she follows up with visuals: a glimpse into some sort of inner struggle against some dark, seductive force which may[…]

SONG PICK: Kylie Odetta – Stress

“Stress” is a killer, literally and figuratively as in Kylie Odetta’s new track off her just released EP “Undertow”. “This ship is going down down down” she sings and means a relationship consumed by stress and doubt. And by putting this message on top of sultry, jazzy music she suggests[…]

SONG PICK: Children Of Pop – Poids

“Poids” is total indie-electronic bliss and the new single by Houston-based Children Of Pop. The song balances suspense and tranquil gorgeousness in perfection. “Poids” is as catchy as it is danceable and the appealing vocals are the glitter on the sonic gift. Listen to “Poids”, our Song Pick of the Day:[…]

SONG PICK: Maiah Manser – Sweet Hell

West Coast singer/songwriter Maiah Manser does big pop songs, filled with layers of sounds and noises. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Sweet Hell”, the dramatic opening track of her recently released EP “Second Skin” (Apple Music | Spotify).

SONG PICK: Diamond Thug – Eclipsed

It is impossible to resist the enchanting vibes of the ultra-gorgeous “Eclipse”, the new single by South African quartet Diamond Thug. Starting out with a hypnotic synth line that provides the perfect backdrop for Chantel Van T’s starry-summer-nights-pretty vocals, the song takes on an ever so delightful dynamic when guitars and rhythm[…]

SONG PICK: Sister Speak – The Stand (Video)

Sherri Anne aka Sister Speak is from Canada, but she chose images from Peru for her beautiful, cinematic video “The Stand”. Musically she also elegantly connects two worlds: “The Stands” starts out as a quiet, acoustic song and then slowly morphs into an eclectic synth pop anthem. Check out the[…]

SONG PICK: Ronny Morris – All About Love

Usually, when talking about a track I choose as Song Pick of the Day I try to get to the essence of the song, what it is that makes it stand out in the sea of great new songs. The special feel. Let’s just say that after living in New[…]

SONG PICK: VÖS – Patience

Here is VÖS, a new duo from London with a debut track that is a catchy electro-pop song at first, but reveal unexpected layers and turns after listening a few more times. That fits well to the topic: the push-pull phase early in a relationship when things are never as[…]