PHOTOS: Winter Live at Hotel Vegas (SXSW)

The Thursday night at Hotel Vegas during this year’s SXSW featured all kinds of shoegaze and psychedelic music and ergo was a must-be-place for any fan of this indie-rock sub-genre. Without ever having heard before of LA-based Winter, I got immediately into the groove of things when Samira Winter and[…]

PHOTOS: Idgy Dean Live at The Parlor (SXSW)

Brooklyn singer/songwriter and “one-woman psychedelic rock band” Idgy Dean was one of the most exciting discoveries at SXSW 2014, so we were more than thrilled to learn that she would perform this year off the official music track. While still sticking to her guns of guitar, drums and loop pedal, Idgy Dean has[…]

SONG PICK: Black Flowers Cafe – Never Trust Me

On the surface, “Never Trust Me” is all sweet and innocent but essentially it is rather irresistible with its soft and soulful vocals and its hypnotic rhythm and guitar lines. “Never Trust Me” is the new single by Black Flowers Cafe, an indie-rock quartet from Italy. It is is a song[…]

PHOTOS: Desert Mountain Tribe live at Mohawk (SXSW)

Remember your birthdays as a child? When you were hoping with all your heart to receive the present you wished so much? And when it didn’t happen? But eventually, you got what you wanted because your grandma or granddad took pity on you and gave you what your heart desired?[…]

NEW MUSIC: Dead Leaf Echo – Strawberry Skin (Video)

The video to “Strawberry Skin”, the new single by Brooklyn-based Dead Leaf Echo, is proof that an irresistible video does not need much more than a compelling idea, charming protagonists and… of course, a great song. “Strawberry Skin” might very well be one of the finest tracks LG, Ana, Kevin and Steve have released lately: it[…]

SONG PICK: Amos & Emily – Reaction

For our Song Pick of the Day we go again to Australia: Amos & Emily are a duo from Newcastle, New South Wales and their track “Reaction” is a electro-pop piece of classic beauty: glittering synth arpeggios lead through the track that keeps suspense by building slowly but never losing[…]

SONG PICK: MOTIONS – All I’ve Ever Known

Dublin-based indie-rockers MOTIONS deliver a stunner of a song with “All I’ve Ever Known”. Slowly, yet relentlessly building, the track takes on an almost overwhelming intensity until it eventually bursts into this infectious mantra like release. MOTIONS provide the following background to their new single: “All I’ve Ever Known’ centers around the traces[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Glider Pilots – Talk Free (Album)

Glider Pilots are the duo of siblings Samantha and Benjamin Hope from Queensland, Australia. Their debut album “Talk Free” is music made for a sunny Sunday afternoon: putting it on will instantly put you in a state of relaxed dreaming. Glider Pilots take in many inspirations for their music, but[…]

PHOTOS: Sundara Karma Live at Rough Trade NYC

Sundara Karma, are an exciting indie-rock quartet from Reading, England who create dreamy guitar driven sound with infectious hooks and rather unique vocals. While I wanted to see the four for a while, it hasn’t worked out before but finally it did, a week ago when they played Rough Trade NYC. Despite[…]

SONG PICK: Gold Child – Me And You

Gold Child, the band around singer/songwriter Emily Fehler, is on a quest to found a new Brooklynized sub-genre of country music. Their new song “Me And You” is exemplary for that: while the guitar work could come out of Nashville, there is a whole lot of indie pop thrown in.[…]