SONG PICK: Two Islands – Heaven



SONG PICK: Two Islands – Heaven

“Heaven” opens so joyfully without being annoyingly upbeat that it is simply impossible to not feel uplifted and well… good, actually. “Heaven” is the lush and gorgeous debut single by Liverpool duo Two Islands  and here is hope that there is more where this came from. The band provides the following insight: “We’ve always felt as if we existed on our own island, like outsiders looking in. Taking musical cues from the classic songwriting synonymous with Liverpool but dressing our songs in a modern and unique way; aiming to follow in the lineage of Northern bands whose originality and creative ambition have helped to alter our perception of what is possible in pop music.”

They state further: We want to reclaim the romance of falling in love with an artist solely through their songs, something that has been lost in the internet era. We’re not looking to hide, we just want to engage through our music. We are Two Islands.” Fair enough. Not sure if I’ve fallen in love with the artist per se (too soon for that) but with “Heaven” I certainly have. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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