SONG PICK: Von Grey – Poison In The Water

Our Song Pick of the Day is the dramatic synth rock track “Poison In The Water” by the three Von Grey sisters from Atlanta, Georgia. The song builds up lingering dread with various metaphors of hidden dangers lining up in the future. The von Greys don’t reveal what exactly they[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Løzninger & Kitowski – Crashing Clouds (Album)

“Crashing Clouds” by Løzninger & Kitowski starts with gentle electronic sounds that lull you into the expectation of a mellow experience. But then an alarm sounds so abruptly that you may want to look around for the nearest emergency exit and then all bets are off. The album is a[…]

SONG PICK: The Big Drops – By The Water

“By The Water” is a light and joyful single, that feels like fresh air after a brisk summer rain or the clean, bright light after a Thunderstorm. It is just absolutely gorgeous and maybe its title alone already makes the association to water heavy images. “By The Water” is taken from[…]

PHOTOS: Let’s Eat Grandma Live at Latitude 30 (SXSW)

Let’s Eat Grandma is a duo from Norwich, U.K, which turns pop music on its head as can be witnessed on their 2016 debut album “I, Gemini” (Apple Music | Spotify). On stage, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth put on an eerie, ghostly show that sees them playing many different[…]

Q&A with SPINN

In April alone, we have featured not just one but four songs created by bands from Liverpool, England and so we wanted to know a bit more about at least one of them! We liked “Home” that much that we made it our Song Pick of the Day and can[…]

SONG PICK: Blondage – Stoned

Danish pop duo Blondage, formerly known as Rangleklods are not “Stoned” in the usual way: “I got stoned, now I’m in love, tell me, what’s wrong with a little love?” sings Permille Smith-Sivertsen and it is some kind of unexpected, alien love she is talking about. The setting is a[…]

NEW MUSIC: A Victim Of Society – Freaktown (Album)

“Freaktown”,  the sophomore album by A Victim Of Society is nothing short but phenomenal! From the first track “The Quick and The Dead” to the album’s title track “Freaktown” there is lots of fuzzy, psychedelic guitar bliss, at times with more punk and metal elements even (the rhythm, the focus) and with vocals[…]

PHOTOS: Marie Davidson at Hotel Vegas (SXSW)

Electronic musician Marie Davidson commands the stage. Literally. Before the show she demanded the music should be louder and near the end of the show she waved away the police who wanted to enforce the 2 am curfew: “I’m not done yet!” They gave in and let her play “Adieu[…]

SONG PICK: Haux – Touch

Particularly in music, less is often more and “Touch”, the latest single by British photographer-turned-musician Haux, is the perfect example. The song is hauntingly beautiful in its restraint, giving room for Woodson Black‘s aka Haux soft and ethereal vocals to shine and well, yes, touch our souls. The compelling vocals seem to float[…]

SONG PICK: Birch – Cell Phone

Birch is a duo from Brooklyn, who do bright electro-pop songs with a seemingly uplifting vibe. But singer/songwriter Michelle Birsky wants to tackle serious topics with her music: “Cell Phone” is about the distance that technology can put between us and about the dark sides of the Internet. The track[…]