SONG PREMIERE: Tom Forest – You Have A Father

“You Have A Father” opens with an achingly beautiful guitar melody and skillful finger picking and when the warm and soulful vocals set in, there is no more escape, I’m hooked! British singer-songwriter Tom Forest releases with “You Have A Father” a very personal, quiet and at the same time super[…]

SONG PICK: L.A. Girlfriend – SFO

L.A. Girlfriend is back! After last year’s excellent album “Neon Grey” (Apple Music | Spotify), she just released the EP “Rex” (Apple Music | Spotify, where she retires (for now?) her guitar and focuses on pure electronics. Single “SFO” is about a brief love affair and how getting over it,[…]

3 Is A Band: Auction for the Promise Club

Auction for the Promise Club is quite an elaborate band name and sort of hinting of eight or more members, yet this guitar driven indie rock band is only three members strong and hence ideal for a closer look via our #3IsABand feature. Hailing from Cornwall, in the U.K. the trio[…]

NEW TRACK: The Born Love – Badlands

The whole point of a music blog is to feature new, interesting music, n’est-ce pas? So if there is not (yet) much to know about an artist, who cares? When listening to “Badlands”, adjectives like ‘glorious’, ‘skillful’, ‘mature’ or ‘danceable’ come to mind. “Badlands” is the new single by electro[…]

SONG PICK: Missing Words – Alright

There are songs that radiate that special Summer feeling perfectly, the feeling of sun on your skin, a nice drink in your hand, enjoying the still warm air at night and just letting go… For me, “Alright” evokes just such a feeling. Then again, the song’s title is “Alright” and it is[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Chloe Lilac – Reckless

“Reckless”, the new track by Chloe Lilac, elegantly merges the vibe of a late night jazz club performance with modern R&B production. Her vocals remain intimate and restrained throughout the song, creating suspense while keeping her cool. Chloe may be reckless, but she does not lose control. Listen to “Reckless”[…]

SONG PICK: Sweet Spirit – The Power

“The Power” comes like the title might suggest with swagger and intensity. It is the new single by Austin eight-piece Sweet Spirit and it is pretty rad. Add Sabrina Ellis‘ (A Giant Dog) glamorously soulful rock vocals to it and the outcome is a highly infectious power anthem! Listen to “The Power”, our[…]

NEW MUSIC: Deadwall – Heartlands (Video)

Leeds-based indie quartet Deadwall just released their sophomore studio album “The Zero Cliff” and the maybe strongest track from this ten tracks album also got a video treatment. The video for “Heartland” is as hypnotizing as the song itself. Powerfully pulsating beats providing the canvas for soft vocals singing a beautiful[…]

SONG PICK: WWWater – WWWater

“WWWater” takes you on a journey: it starts almost acapella, with a lonely kick drum keeping the beat and then finds is way into a grand sing-along chorus. Charlotte Adigéry aka WWWater is fascinated by water, as a fundamental building block of life and as a destructive power. Musically she[…]