NEW TRACK: Niterunner – Out Of Your Hands

“Just Let it Go” is the theme of Brisbane-based duo Niterunner’s relaxed and upbeat electro-pop track “Out Of Your Hands”: there is no point of upset yourself about things that are out of your control.

SONG PREMIERE: Pretty City – Don’t You Remember Me My Love

“Don’t You Remember Me My Love” is a mesmerizing, beautifully moody and slowly unfolding track, with a guitar solo for the ages. This brand new single by Melbourne’s Pretty City, should put the psych/shoegaze three-piece on the radar of every serious indie-rock fan. Pretty City are comprised of Hugh Matthews (vocals, guitar), Johnny Rock (guitar, vocals) and[…]

NEW TRACK: Rosie Carney – Awake Me (Video)

At 20 Rosie Carney has already gone through many experiences, in- and outside the music industry. Now, signed to independent label X Novo, she released this beautifully quiet song “Awake Me”, together with a hazy video which shows her in unreal, dream-like situations. Listen to “Awake Me” on Soundcloud:


I love everything about “Take Me On”, the debut single by Los Angeles duo JOAN. When I first came across the track, then I almost did the judge-by-its-cover thing and dismissed it at first but am I glad in the end I pressed play and am glad I did. Or maybe[…]

NEW MUSIC: Vuurwerk – Face It (ft. Khazali) (Video)

This video is full of psychological symbolism and this is no accident: when they don’t make music, the London-based electronic duo Vuurwerk are professionally working in this field. For “Face It”, “a song about finding yourself through others, the interplay of ego’s, expectations and the projection of our own feeling[…]

SONG PICK: Bernache – Your Name (Video)

Bernache is the stage name of Canadian singer/producer Emma, who plays in the band Men I Trust (whose song we picked last July). “Your Name” is a raw electronic track that is refreshingly uninfluenced by current musical tracks. The mad synth line competes with a lonesome guitar melody over a[…]

RELEASED TODAY: New Mystics – Modern

“Modern” is the intense and moody yet also totally mesmerizing new single by New Mystics, which is the side project of a band that has toured directly with Radiohead, Bon Iver and The National. That’s all we know so far. Plus the following direct quote:  “As a kid everyone told me to smile, even[…]