NEW TRACK: Capital X – Diamond Hard

After “Teeth”, the new track “Diamond Hard” by U.K. electro punk duo Capital X is again difficult to classify and feels atypically spontaneous and direct for electronic music.

SONG PICK: Park Hotel – Gone As A Friend

“Gone As Your Friend” is the ultra gorgeous debut single by London-based duo Park Hotel. With its driving playful beat and rhythm, its mesmerizing electronic vibe, as well as joined forces of female and male vocals  this track could be easily the sonic love child of Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, and yes, “Gone[…]

NEW MUSIC: Less Acrobats – Dirty Lover (Video)

Less Acrobats are a four-piece from Tel Aviv who do eclectic pop music. The video for “Dirty Lover” tells a story on multiple levels. What is going on here?

NEW TRACK: Healyum – Three Months

Heaylum is a five-piece from England around singer and songwriter Jeaná Healy. Their new song, “Three Months” is a pop song with intensity and drive that leaves Jeaná’s vocals reverberating in your mind long after the song has ended.

SONG PICK: Línger – Avoid

“Tuple”, the debut EP of Sydney-based singer/songwriter Línger, is inspired by the five elements (the usual four plus space). “Avoid”, an ethereal, floating track carried by her vocal harmonies and lush synth lines, feels mostly like “air” (at least until the inevitable down-pitched vocals pull it down to earth). I[…]

NEW TRACK: Phoebe Ryan – Dark Side

“I’m in love with your dark side” – hopefully Phoebe Ryan can turn this into a fulfilling relationship. In the meantime, enjoy this extremely catchy pop song and maybe see her live at her tour with Tove Lo (dates below).

VIDEO: Drew Vision – Without You

The new single “Without You” by neo soul artist Drew Vision is delightful and catchy in its own rights, to make us want to listen to it again, and then some. But with THAT video? Drew Vision got us at ‘Barbados’! Just what our winter souls need right now (or maybe all[…]

SONG PICK: K. Flay – Black Wave

K. Flay comes from the Bay Area with a take-no-prisoners blend of rock, electronics and hip hop. Last year she has already released an EP “Crush Me” with a lead single/video “Blood in the Cut” that leaves you breathless. Her new single “Black Wave” is no different, but behind all[…]