SONG PICK: CAESAR – Crossed Wires

These days, more so than ever, Manchester seems to be an incredible breeding ground for interesting, new bands and CAESAR only manifest that notion. The quartet’s  new single “Crossed Wire” is bright and jangly, with twist and turns, seeking new heights and experimenting with dreamlike, shoegazey elements. Listen to the gorgeous “Cross[…]

NEW TRACK: Sky Dive – Claw Marks

“Claw Marks” by Southern California duo SkyDive could have been the soundtrack to one of those turning point montages in an 80s romantic movie – when a budding love story runs into the first road block. I seriously get goosebumps when Jenna sings over arpeggiated synth lines: “Oh my god,[…]

SONG PICK: Glider Pilots – Expose to Weather

I am currently in Munich and it is raining cats and dogs, but putting on the new Glider Pilots track immediately makes me feel a fresh sea breeze while sun rays tingle on the skin. That may because Samantha and Ben Hope are from Queensland, Australia, a vacation dream destination[…]

SONG PICK: Childcare – Kiss?

“Kiss?” is a song that immediately mesmerizes with its interplay of different vocals, with the chorus/melody background delivered by gorgeous female vocals with male verses over it. As much as I was immediately taken by “Kiss?”, I was sort of surprised by the band name Childcare which has just the most charming[…]

NEW TRACK: Chances – Shine

Canadian three-piece Chances puts together electronics, acoustic instruments and female vocal harmonies into a big pop anthem. Listen to their debut single “Shine”:

SONG PREMIERE: Kojun x Zaena – Count On Me

Beautifully re-assuring and exactly what we want to listen to is “Count On Me” by Kojun x Zaena, an electronic dance-floor gem, as sparkly and shiny as they come. The UK production duo Kojun collaborated with Zaena on their first release of the year. Heavy beats, infectious rhythms and a great melody provide the basis[…]

PHOTOS: EMIKA enchants at in-store gig at Rough Trade

Add ‘composer’ to electronic singer/songwriter and producer EMIKA‘s bio because the Berlin-based British artist just released her first symphony called “Melanfonie“. Yes, this is her first symphony and if her previous three magnificent electronic albums titled “Emika”, “Dva”, “Drei” are any indication, she is planning to compose another symphony or something similar in the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Orchid – Body (Video)

“Body” by Orchid has already been our Song Pick of the Day a few weeks ago, but the video kindled our appreciation for the track again. What is Orchid doing here? Where is she?