SONG PREMIERE: Vigil – Mile Wide

Lustrous and soothing piano arpeggios are contrasting beautifully with an underlying melancholic vulnerability in “Mile Wide”. This stunner of fragile beauty is the new single by Brooklyn-based indie-electronic artist Chris Ash, who goes by Vigil. We are thrilled to premiere “Mile Wide” today and are happily drowning in its optimistic sadness, when Vigil’s[…]

SONG PICK: Holland – Forget Your Name

This relationship is not coming to a good end. Even though Holland, a new singer/songwriter based in the U.K., sings “If things don’t change by the end of the day, I forget your name”, there is little hope. For musical emphasis, she drains all the genre-typical sugar and leaves little[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sarah Walk – Still Frames (Video)

Song and video took me by surprise, by storm actually, because I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions. Calm, soothing and stunningly beautiful vocals, singing lyrics of poetic beauty, sparse instrumentation and a rarely told story – all this make “Still Frames” a[…]

SONG PICK: John Joseph Brill – I’m Not Alright

A sentiment we wouldn’t easily admit, not to strangers, not to friends and maybe not even to ourselves: “I’m Not Alright”, the new single by London-based singer/songwriter John Joseph Brill. With its sparse instrumentation and alluring melody, the track leaves room to let the beautiful and warm baritone vocals enchant us. What[…]

SONG PICK: Ravines – Breathe

“Breathe”, our Song Pick of the Day”, is about a suffocating relationship and Alex Louise, the singer of the New Zealand duo Ravines tells the story with dark intensity over pulsating synths. Their third EP “Ordinary” (after to EPs produced under the name Ophelia) is out now.

SONG PICK: Mt. Wolf – The Electric

“The Electric” is the glorious new single by English three-piece Mt. Wolf. What we came to know and love of Mt. Wolf, the beautifully dark vocals and the mesmerizing, brooding vibe, is once again prominent in “The Electric” too. Listen to the gorgeous “The Electric”, our Song Pick of the Day: Mt.[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Rodes Rollins / Linger / Molly Burch / Novella

Rodes Rollins – Young Adult Rodes Rollins debut EP “Young Adult” centers about experiences and decisions in her younger years. She wraps them into dramatic pop songs with cinematic quality. (Apple Music | Spotify | Soundcloud) Línger – Tuple Tuple, the debut EP of Australian singer/songwriter Línger, contains five chilled[…]

SONG PICK: Vandana – Vicious

Something “Vicious” is lurking in the new song by Brooklyn via London via India producer/songwriter Vandana. Only her voice casts a ray of light here and there into a mix of meandering, dark synth pads and muted marching beats. Play it loud on headphones and let yourself fall into the[…]