PHOTOS: glamglare presents: Blonde Maze, Jon Prezant, Letters to Nepal, Lillet Blanc at The Delancey

Our showcase on February 11 brought together four acts, who we’ve been excited about for a long time. Opening up were Lillet Blanc who convinced even more than at their first appearance last year. Next on were Letters to Nepal, the Brooklyn via Siberia indie-electronic duo that always brings something[…]

NEW TRACK: Droplet – High

Listen to a new track by Melbourne singer/producer Droplet aka Demi Papazoglou. “High” will be released on March 3 with an EP to follow two weeks later.

SONG PICK: Benji Lewis – Drift

“Drift” is one of these rare tracks where everything is in-sync and harmony: lyrics and melody complement each other perfectly while bright, velvety smooth and absolutely gorgeous vocals add some extra sparkle. “Drift” is the new single by Australian electronic artist Benji Lewis, who has the following to say about his song: “For me, a lot[…]

SONG PICK: Ah! Kosmos – From The Land Below (feat. Lafawndah)

The Song Pick of the Day, “From the Land Below” is one of the far too rare all-female collaborations in electronic music. Berlin-based producer Ah! Kosmos aka Basak Gunak teams up with singer Lafawndah for a high-energy production with multiple competing drum tracks give a dramatic backdrop to the vocals.[…]

NEW MUSIC: Jerry Williams – Velcro (Video)

U.K. singer Jerry Williams copes with the end of a relationship in her new song “Velcro”. There is nobody around to comfort her, just the relentless blinking lights of arcade game machines. In the end she drives off in a fancy car: at some point you always have to move[…]

SONG PICK: Karma Club – Timelines

Luckily, the times of great guitar-driven indie-rock are not yet over and here is proof with “Timelines”, the new single by British quartet Karma Club. “I took my time, I took my time, ’cause she took mine, she took mine” belts lead-singer Thomas Andrew, while the guitars brightly chime and drum and bass provide infectious energy. “Timelines”[…]

SONG PICK: Anastave – The Usual Suspects

“The Usual Suspects” is a quiet song with singer/songwriter Anastave almost whispering her lyrics. But beneath her voice a lot is going on: a guitar and a sparse beat guide through layers of electronics and other noises. Anastave takes many influences to create a appealing sound of her own. Listen[…]

NEW TRACK: Bryde – Less

“Less”, the new track of U.K. singer/songwriter Bryde is three minutes of pure, high energy rock. (Photo: Lauren Withrow)