SONG PICK: Dot Hacker – C Section

It’s been a while since L.A.-based experimental quartet Dot Hacker dropped an album, a good two years to be more precise, but January 20th will be brightened by the release of their third full length album, fittingly titled “N°3”. Ahead of the record comes “C Section” and if the track is[…]

SONG PICK: Swain – Everything Will Come Together

“Everything Will Come Together” is the opening track on Swain‘s recently released debut album, which holds eight more equally beautiful songs. This one is our Song Pick of the Day for its optimistic title, alluring flow and overall re-assuring, calming vibe. Behind the Swain project is Red Collier, based in[…]

SONG PICK: Nilu – What I’m Looking For

“What a joy to have found what I’m looking for” sings Nilu , a Persian-American singer/songwriter based in L.A. Sometimes, as her story goes, a negative experience helps to find your way. While on “What I’m Looking For” she only plays an electric guitar, her upcoming album will feature much[…]

SONG PICK: Fond Of Rudy – Say Something

First song of the New Year comes from the British  four-piece Fond Of Rudy who put out yet another irresistibly catchy and simply gorgeous single with their calypso inspired “Say Something”. Listen to our first Song Pick of 2017 now: