SONG PREMIERE: HoneyChrome – I Got The Key



SONG PREMIERE: HoneyChrome – I Got The Key

Who else likes firsts? “I Got The Key”, by Brooklyn artist HoneyChromeis our first exclusive premiere of the year and we are excited to feature this sweet and catchy song! Listening to “I Got The Key” is like drinking a big fat glass of freshly pressed orange juice with a splash of seltzer, tasting the sunshine and the fizz on your tongue. Musically, HoneyChrome’s vocals make me at times think of Dave Gahan and the song itself is upbeat pop with experimental edges. HoneyChrome, can be best described as multimedia-artist because his artistry seems to know no boundaries. HoneyChrome about “I Got The Key”: “this song is meant to affirm belief and confidence in yourself. Music is a way that I can share my way of life. The key to life. the meaning of life. Singing along to the song can be affirming to any challenges one is going through or overcoming.” Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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