NEW TRACK: Zuma – All Nite (ft. Lenis Kim)

The song is called “All Nite”, but the production rather invokes a romantic encounter on a sunny summer afternoon. San Diego musicians Zuma and Lenis Kim collaborated for the first time for this track and one hopes they will work together more often.

SONG PICK: The Lightning Year – Endless Memory

“Endless Memory” by London-based quintet The Lightning Year is one of these songs that make me wish to play drums, or at the very least to have a proper tambourine nearby to move along with, adding some more rhythm and beat to the already glorious groove. Without any of that though, I[…]

NEW TRACK: Steph Barrak – So Familiar

There is a lot going on in “So Familiar”, a new track by Boston musician Steph Barrack, from the relentless snare drum beat, over the glockenspiel to some electronic texture in the background. This is how a singer/songwriter should sound in 2017. Steph’s EP “Never Again” is out next Friday.

NEW TRACK: The Vryll Society – Sacred Flight

Listening to “Sacred Flight” feels like floating on a cloud of psychedelic, fuzzy bliss, bright and beautiful. Did “Self Realization” swoon us with the stunning guitar solo, “Sacred Flight” captures us with its harmonious and re-assuring vibe. “Sacred Flight” is the new single by Liverpool quintet The Vryll Society who will make their state-side[…]

SONG PICK: Hezen – Oil Fire (Video)

Hezen is the stage name of London-based singer/producer Sarah Hezen, who creates hauntingly beautiful songs with a trip hop vibe. “Oil Fire” is the first single off her four track debut EP “Stigma”, released last Friday (SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify). Listening to the song by itself is an[…]

SONG PICK: JW Ridley – Everything (Deathless) – Part 1

Better late than never! We are a little late to the party in featuring this glorious debut by JW Ridley but in the end it is always the music that counts and “Everything (Deathless) – Part 1” is irresistibly catchy and mesmerizing. There’s the driving beat, the relentlessly moving forward melody,[…]

NEW TRACK: Sacre – Gaia

“Gaia” is a disco dance track with a galactic scope. Sacre, a duo from Paris, creates a beautifully bright and soaring soundscape, which invariably will lift your spirits.

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: August Child – Ebb & Flow

East London-based singer/songwriter August Child delights with “Ebb & Flow” a moody track that’s also a bit on the darker side yet with glorious edges. “Ebb & Flow” is something to reflect on and to be savored. Listen to “Ebb & Flow”:

SONG PICK: Me Not You – Relief

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Relief” is about how a humiliating experience can turn things for the better. In case of Me Not You singer Nikki it was being kicked out of Catholic school. I’m sure her family wasn’t delighted, but “In a sense it’s a relief”. That scene[…]