SONG PICK: Bichkraft – Ashley



SONG PICK: Bichkraft – Ashley

Ahead of their 5 tracks EP anticipated for 2017, Bichkraft release “Ashley” and provide a taste of what might be in store this time around. The overall vibe of “Ashley” can be compared to The Cure’s “Pornography” album: fierce drums, distinct guitars, dark mood but as soon as the vocals set in, it becomes clear that this is yet another 100% Bichkraft original. The quartet from Kiev, Ukraine create atmospheric, noisy, post-punk pieces that are a revelation for everyone who prefers their music a touch darker, a bit challenging, unique and totally alluring!

“Ashley” was written in Bichkraft’s hometown right before the band’s first trip to the United States in the Summer of 2016 where they could record at Kutch 1 Studios in Greenpoint. Listen to “Ashley”, our Song Pick of the Day:


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