SONG PICK: Auður – 3D:: Both Eyes on You



SONG PICK: Auður – 3D:: Both Eyes on You

Last week, Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Auður released the highly atmospheric and totally intriguing “3D::Both Eyes on You”. Auðunn Lúthersson, who goes by the artist name Auður (pronounced ‘author’), blends R&B elements with electronic sounds together with his alluringly soft vocals and creates something new and honestly, rather hypnotic and irresistible!

Lyricially, “3D” details the frustrations of Skype sex and the faux-intimacy of video calls: “My wi-fi ain’t that strong / I can’t do this any longer / we’re connected but we ain’t connecting / It ain’t the same when you’re just in my phone.” When Auðunn couldn’t reach her he would obsess over pictures of his girlfriend on social media – tanned, smiling, and enjoying a bottle of Mendoza red wine with her new, overly attractive, latin friends. 

There’s clearly a lot going on and the track also takes its time with 7:30pm to unravel it all… Kick back and listen to “3D::Both Eyes on You” now:

Auður is playing Iceland Airwaves ’16 and we’re very much looking forward to catch him! Find the schedule for his shows here and the off venue here.

Iceland Airwaves 2016

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