SONG PICK: Krusoe – Rivers Run Riot

For starters, “Rivers Run Riot” is stunningly gorgeous and one of the stand-out-tracks of 2016! With that being established, “Rivers Run Riot” also holds a certain menace, urgency and wistfulness, and makes you slightly uncomfortable but in a good way, because after all, this is a song that gets directly to[…]

NEW TRACK: Mulàn – Night

As it is a thing these days to include down-pitched vocals in electronic music and its many derivates, so it is also a thing for artists to create an aura of mysteriousness around them, and while they are setting up a website and all socials, they are not revealing much else about[…]

SONG PICK: Mt. Wolf – Golden (ft. St. South)

London trio Mt. Wolf enlisted the help of Australian singer/songwriter St. South for their beautiful song “Golden”. I just love the interplay between female and male vocals, accompanied by a smooth blend of acoustic and electronic textures. Mt. Wolf are working on the debut album, which is expected for later[…]

SONG PICK: Denny White – Psycho

“Psycho” is the new single by modern renaissance man Denny White, who has written, played and produced the track all by himself. Listening to Denny White’s vocals is like enjoying a single malt scotch whiskey brought to its fullness with just a few drops of water (not ice), which at first will hit[…]

PHOTOS: Elle Exxe dazzles at The Delancey (Mondo.NYC)

Elle Exxe is an indie pop singer/songwriter from London via Edinburgh, Scotland, who brought not only big vocals but also dazzling dance moves to the small stage of The Delancey. She surly has star-qualities and that may have been the last opportunity to see her from close-up. Watch the new[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Flatwound – This Can Be Love

Disco is back, and I couldn’t be happier! From New York, to London and Paris over Sydney and Melbourne, back to the states to L.A. – disco is in full swing in plenty a metropoles. “This Can Be Love” is the latest single by Australian duo Flatwound and it is crazy groovy, totally[…]

NEW TRACK: Donna Missal – Slide

New Jersey singer/songwriter Donna Missal is on a roll: here’s another song, “Slide”, which perfectly blends modern and classic pop music.

SONG PICK: Argonaut & Wasp – Loser Like You

“Loser Like You” opens with a big dose of shimmery laid-backness, when the narrative starts and eventually a big dose of  swagger kicks in and one can’t help but sing along to “I don’t want to waste my time waiting on a looser like you”. Well done, Argonaut &Wasp who provide the following insight about[…]