SONG PICK: Francie Moon – Red Cloud Road



SONG PICK: Francie Moon – Red Cloud Road

Casually listening into “Red Cloud Road”, and ready to click ‘next’, I am stopped in my tracks: there’s just no escape, the bluesy, groovy guitars got me! This is a surprisingly catchy song, with its slight 60s feel yet contemporary blues-rock vibe and then these seriously unique vocals. “Red Cloud Road” is irresistibly  groovy, that I played it again, and then some. This is the new single by New Jersey singer/songwriter Melissa Lucciola who performs under the moniker Francie Moon. Listen to “Red Cloud Road”, our Song Pick of the Day now:

This reads so interesting and like a true collaboration:

Recorded by Richie Samartin on cassette. Transferred, overdubbed, mixed and mastered by Jon Irizarry, Richie Samartin and Melissa Lucciola (Francie Moon)
Guitar/Vocals/Kalimba – Melissa Lucciola (Francie Moon)
Drums/Tambourine – Richie Samartin
Bass – Adam Pumilia
Djembe – Adam Wall
Background Vocals – Richie Samartin, Jon Irizarry, Melissa Hagarty (MothaBug), Nicole Grogan, Adam Wall, James Abbott

Francie Moon Tour Dates

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