Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 2: Elle Exxe // Negative Gemini



Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 2: Elle Exxe // Negative Gemini

Mondo.NYC, the latest music festival in town is still small, which is a good thing, because you run easily into interesting people at its events. Thursday started off with a party at the office of VR company Littlstar where we met among others Mondo founder Bobby Haber. Maybe, next year, we will do an official glamglare showcase at Mondo.
Our first show of the night was Elle Exxe at The Delancey, a singer/songwriter based in London, who is on our must-see list. She put on a powerhouse show with border-line acrobatic dance moves. For the tour she was accompanied only by a single band-mate at the laptop, but she told us that she normally performs with a full crew. I can’t wait to see that!
The second stop was The Bowery Electric for the 100% Electronica showcase, which was the place to be that night: the room was packed, including a selection of industry people.

Negative Gemini at The Bowery Electric (Mondo.NYC)
I caught two songs by Soft Lit, an electronic boy/girl duo from Brooklyn, before Negative Gemini, a long time glamglare favorite, took the stage. This was the first show we saw where she had full control over her set-up and the energy of her performance was not restrained by a large table with equipment. Her debut full-length “Body Work” (stream it here) is out next Friday and we are eagerly waiting for the vinyl in the mail.

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