glamglare’s Top Picks for the Inaugural Mondo.NYC September 14-18, 2016



glamglare’s Top Picks for the Inaugural Mondo.NYC September 14-18, 2016

For the first time ever, Mondo.NYC, launches  September 14-18, 2016 in New York City with a business summit hosted at New York University and live music showcases presented at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mondo.NYC impresses with a diverse lineup that includes local favorites next to artists from all over the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia.

Aside from the to be expected awesome live music, the business summit with its highly interesting panels deserves extra attention. Check it out.

We have listened through most of the roughly 150 participating acts and here are our top picks. You will see us at any of these shows so please say ‘hi’ if you do. We will take photos and provide our daily round-ups.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
The Delancey, Wed 11:00pm

Hometown: Charleston, SC
The Delancey, Sat 9:45pm
 #indierock #indiepop
Home town: Riga, Latvia
The Hall at MP, Wed 9:00pm
Pianos, Fri 11:00pm
#altmath #desertrock
Home town: London, U.K.
Pianos, Sun 7:00pm
Home town: Washington, D.C.
The Delancey, Sat 7:00pm
Home town: Austin, TX
Pianos, Sat 9:00pm
#noise #garage
Home town: New York, NY

Home town: Reading, U.K.
Cake Shop, Wed 7:00pm
Bowery Electric main room, Sat 8:00pm

#pop #dirtypop
Home town: London, U.K.
Pianos, Wed 8:30pm
The Delancey, Thu 9:00pm
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
#indie #electronic
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
The Hall at MP, Wed 8:00pm
C’mon Everybody, Sat 8:00pm
#pop #experimental #electronic
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

#indie #electronic #pop
Hometown: New York, NY via Columbia
Love Craft, Sat 7:00pm
Hometown: New York, NY
Cake Shop, Wed 8:00pm
Hometown: San Diego

–> Definitely go out Wednesday, September 14th and see The Lulls live at Bowery Electric. And then on Saturday, October 1st head over to The Delancey, when The Lulls will have their debut album as shiny vinyl with them. glamglare is hosting a showcase and is stoked that this awesome San Diego three-piece will be part of it. More info here.

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