VIDEO: The Lulls – Paris

What makes a really cool song even greater? An inspired video! And the Californian surfgaze-trio The Lulls did just that. Together with their new single “Paris”, they also released a stunning video to go with it. It’s a classic band video, filmed like what an Apple Inc. commercial might look like. Directed[…]

NEW TRACK: Alex Bent + the Emptiness – Hold On To Me Forever

“Hold On To Me Forever” is beautifully melancholic to a point where it almost makes you weep. Almost, because there also seems to be a ray of hope and a silver lining of optimism in this mellow synth-pop track. “Hold On To Me Forever” is the first single of Alex[…]

NEW ARTIST: Milkywhale

Milkywhale is a new Icelandic music project, a collaboration between singer/dancer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and FM Belfast‘s Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson. They are among the artists to play this year’s Iceland Airwaves and with that much buzz around their live shows on our list of must-see-acts. Listen to the excellent synth-pop track “Goodbye”:[…]

SONG PICK: Kyiki – Make Love, Live Free

“Make Love, Live Free” is good advice and with that London/L.A. singer/producer Kyiki moves away from the nocturnal gloom of her earlier single “Here For”. “Make Love, Live Free” is a more upbeat song, but she uses a slightly awkward beat to keep it from slipping too much into happy[…]

LATE NIGHT: I Am Karate – Swayze

The song is what the title suggests: an homage to the late actor Patrick Swayze. The lyrics include references to his 1990 hit movie “Ghost”, but that is not why we put this song on the “Late Night” spot. Erika Soldh Ahlström and Marta Petterson from Stockholm, Sweden, aka I[…]

NEW TRACK: Anna Of The North – Us

“Us” is a glittering pop song by Melbourne via Norway singer Anna Loitered, who makes music as **Anna of the North*. “There is something about us that you can’t deny” she sings joyfully and these words hopefully set off a happy relationship for her.

SONG PICK: Flight Brigade – Hurricane Season

Hm… yes, it’s that time of year again, and there’s now even a song for it too: “Hurricane Season” by Flight Brigade. Ahead of their debut album “Our Friends Our Enemies” due mid October, Flight Brigade offer a big sweeping stunner of a song with “Hurricane Season”. They don’t lose any time because the[…]

Q&A with Duke Of Wolves

Listening to Duke Of Wolves for the first time, I was immediately hooked! This is what the love child of MUSE and Queens of the Stone Age might sound like: big anthemic sound with irresistible melodies, powerful drum and guitar chops, topped off with amazing vocals all around. WHO is this band?[…]

SONG PICK: Club Drive – Dangerous

Club Drive balances the often delicate act between infectious pop and earthy rock beautifully with their debut single “Dangerous”. The tune comes with a big sweeping, anthemic chorus full on with strings and all, yet at the same time stays grounded with beats and guitar riffs rooted in solid rock music with a little bit of funk[…]