3 Is A Band: FACIAL

Most cool music discoveries have a story, some do not, yet others have a more personal one. The latter is true for FACIAL, a fascinating noise-rock trio from Los Angeles. When I first listened to their debut album “Mistress”, and then on repeat some more, I knew I wanted to write about the band. FACIAL, consisting[…]

SONG PICK: Foreign Air – Echo

“Echo”, the new single by Foreign Air, is as mesmerizing and sparkling as a meteor shower to stay within the lyrical context of “we hear echoes from another galaxy”. Foreign Air is the nomadic alt-pop duo of Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen. With “Echo”, they deliver an impossible to resist soaring dance floor sparkler, complete with pulsating[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Hazel English – I’m Fine

Hailing from Australia, lo-fi artist Hazel English calls now Oakland, California her home. Ahead of her debut EP, due in October, comes “I’m Fine” and the track is just so charmingly beautiful that it makes you want to sing along with Hazel English but then you might miss her hypnotic vocals.[…]

NEW TRACK: Golden Coast – Recess

“I can hear the sandbox call my name”… not sure about that, because personally I rather enjoy my adult life but I totally get the carefree summer vibe of “Recess”, the brand new single by L.A. indie-pop duo Golden Coast. “Recess” is unabashedly upbeat, with great hooks and a wonderfully laid-back Californian[…]

SONG PICK: Trails and Ways – Happiness

Happiness comes in a lot of different forms and sizes and it is on us to recognize it as what it is, when it hits. When used well, hand claps in music make me instantly happy and so does a crisp and bright guitar melody. Throw in pronounced bass lines, providing[…]

VIDEO: Ella On The Run – Walk Away

The visuals to “Walk Away” are as pleasing and beautiful as the song itself. Ella On The Run is singing with a spitting image of herself, with a whirling kaleidoscope, creating a mesmerizing, sensual effect. The video, directed by Rafe Gibbon, does the lyrically sparse track justice by letting Ella On The Run’s[…]

[PHOTOS] Superbly Diverse Festival 8 at C’mon Everybody

The maybe biggest accomplishment of Festival 8 on Sunday August 14 at Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody, was its amazing diversity in performers and musical styles. Something even in New York you don’t experience often! Major kudos go to Kelsey Warren for organizing this festival and for performing with his band Blak Emoji that day.[…]

NEW TRACK: Red Rosamond – Looks Can Kill

“Looks Can Kill” reminds of the title of a spy movie and so does the production of this song. This song is the opening move of [Red Rosamond}, who I assume is the woman on the record cover. I’m curious what comes next.

SONG PICK: Elsa & Emilie – Au Volant

Elsa & Emilie from Norway like to drive out to pretty places, but it remains unclear how happy they are with the “boys with the car keys” in the driver’s seat. “Au Volant” is a beautiful, dreamy pop song with a good dose of melancholy. The track is out today[…]