With his instantly appealing, soft and rich vocals, Jon Prezant holds our attention from the start. Initially, “Only Love” appears to be a slow, quiet song but rapidly picks up speed, and then it evolves into a stunning dance beat number with pulsating drums, big synth arrangements, beautifully soaring vocals and everything else we desire[…]

NEW MUSIC: Transcode – Kingpin

Let’s close the weekend with an ominous, dark techno track by Manchester, England producer Transcode. It is the kind of music that pushes your forward and could go on forever:

SONG PICK: Sandy – No New One

The Sunday Song Pick of the Day is an ethereal, ghostly song by the Brooklyn via Philadelphia trio Sandy. Jeff Carter (synth, vocals), Steve Pathe (drums) and Samantha Pathe (bass, synth, guitar, vocals) have been making music for a while, but are now putting together their material on a new[…]

[PHOTOS] The Landmarks Play a Lively Show at Pine Box Rock Shop

The Landmarks are a five-piece indie-band, from Ann Arbor, MI on the move to Seattle, WA. Touring their EP “Challenge”, they made a stop in Brooklyn, at Pine Box Rock Shop, and a day after at Manhattan’s Pianos. We caught The Landmarks in Brooklyn and were lucky to experience a lively and heartfelt show, filled with one[…]

VIDEO: Annabel Allum – Tricks

In “Tricks” you see singer and guitarist Annabel Allum plays with soil, chalk, dust and sand, which makes the video feel as dry as the distorted guitar that dominates this track.

SONG PICK: Mothica – Out Of It

Brooklyn DIY singer/producer Mothica is on the pursuit of the perfect mix between pop and experimental electronic music and with her new single “Out of It”, she shows how this elusive goal can be achieved. The song has a classic lyrics-equals-song-title sing-along chorus, but she also fills it with enough[…]

SONG PICK: Actrese – This Month

Minimalistic electronics, sparse beats and deadpan vocals are an irresistible combination in my books. It reminds me of times when electronic music was still new and weird, but it also is a refreshing contrast to much of the often overproduced current pop music. Actrese is a new artist from London[…]

RELEASED TODAY: isle&fever – Far Away

“Summer Days and Disco Nights” is isle&fever‘s tagline and listening to their brand new single “Far Away”, it becomes clear that this catchphrase is more than just a promise but a dream come true. “Far Away” bubbles and sparkles with a lively tropical night feel, disco beats, charming vocals and an overall irresistible[…]

SONG PICK: Curse Of Lono – Five Miles

Listening to “Five Miles” by alt-rock quintet  Curse Of Lono, I instantly got this warm, fuzzy feeling that great music can cause. Nicely strumming acoustic guitar, some steel guitar thrown in, deep, soft and rich vocals with an overall laid-back and slightly groovy vibe. I felt reminded of some favorite Nashville[…]