SONG PICK: Lavoy – Smile



SONG PICK: Lavoy – Smile

I love everything about “Smile”, the latest single by Alaska alt-pop five-piece Lavoy. The title of the song, the melody, the arrangement, the sentiment… everything!  When I first listened to the totally irresistibly, upbeat ditty, I truly smiled myself. There’s something about “Smile” that just folds you in a super pleasant embrace, reassuring that no matter what, everything will be fine. Let’s see how far-off I am, and let’s hear for Tyrell Tompkins, Lavoy’s singer, himself: “‘Smile’ is about finding something you thought you’d lost forever. Its about that moment when you lock eyes with your best friend or loved one. You know you’re home and you can’t help but smile.” 

Wouldn’t you agree that life becomes a more joyful and better place with some ‘Smile’ in it? Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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