NEW TRACK: Slow Shudder – Alkaline

London via Miami singer/producer Amanda Mayo goes by the name Slow Shudder. Her second single “Alkaline” is an almost quiet and dark pop song about a bad relationship. The record cover explains how Alkaline comes into play here.

NEW TRACK: Pyke – Close

“Close” is the first of three singles from Pyke‘s upcoming album “Detox” with a October 7th release date. Behind Pyke are vocalist Kjersti and guitarist Benjamin, who met in 2006 and have made music together ever since. The duo lives by the southern coast of Norway. “Close” is a beautifully mellow track, with an[…]

SONG PICK: Linying – Alpine

Our Song Pick of the Day is a song by Linying from Singapore: her latest track “Alpine” starts quiet, almost inaudible and then soars into big, chills-inducing ballad. Maybe she had a sunrise in the mountains in mind, when she chose the title. Linying is working on an EP “Paris[…]

SONG PICK: Hildur – Bumpy Road

“Bumpy Road” is an irresistibly catchy pop-gem, upbeat and instantly happiness inducing. It is the latest track by Icelandic singer, songwriter and producer Hildur, who fans also know from her band Rökkurró. “Bumpy Road” is electro-pop at its best, and our Song Pick of the Day. Hildur is scheduled to play this[…]

NEW TRACK: Madison Monroe – Anymore

At first, “Anymore” seems like your typical break-up pop song, but then the beats take on a life of their own beneath the melody and add seriousness and menace. Nashville via New Orleans singer/songwriter Madison Monroe knows what she is doing and we are looking forward to hear more of[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Luna Bay – Colours

When listening to “Colours”, the debut single by Luna Bay, I hear something sincere and heartfelt. “Colorous” comes with all that a really cool pop-rock gem should offer: an immediately catchy flow, with an anthemic chorus that never goes over the top but simply makes you kinda understand and feel. Feel good, thanks[…]

SONG PICK: Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval is usually not an easy listen and her high concept work tends to leave you intentionally baffled and confused. “Conceptual Romance” has a lot of that too, but it also adds some almost friendly and melodic elements, which makes this track easier to access and suited[…]

Q&A with Babygirl

Can only one song make you fall head over heels in love with a band? Yes, it can! There’s magic happening in “Overbored”, our Song Pick of the Day from July 1st. Today, Babygirl, the charming duo behind “Overbored”, have released their four-track EP “As You Wish” and we considered this perfect timing to[…]

SONG PICK: inc. no world – Waters of You

Listening to “Waters of You” evokes the feeling of walking on an empty beach, on a warm, not too hot, Summer day, bright sunlight glistening through the waves when it starts to drizzle, just lightly, the sweet water drops mixing with the saltwater ones, when you are setting one bare foot in[…]

NEW TRACK: Ofelia K. – Killing Me

“It’s killing me, killing me” sings Ofelia K. in this upbeat and bouncy pop song. Not literally, of course, but sometimes emotions in a serious relationship can have a similar effect.