LATE NIGHT: Titanics – Close Enough

Imagine at the end of a hectic day with only little to no time for slowing down, to start listening to “Close Enough”: it’s easy to get lost in a positively refreshing bliss of sound and sheer beauty. It’s all I wish for in a song to help me rewind. “Close Enough” is the latest[…]

NEW TRACK: ARI – Tiny Bubbles

Listen to Canadian singer ARI’s new song “Tiny Bubbles”, which comes with bouncy synth lines and cheerleader chants. It is as crazy fun as Lowell’s “Bells”, one of my favorite tracks. Ari’s debut EP “Tunnel Vision” is scheduled for June 17.

SONG PICK: Night Games – Suffocate

After their last song, the bright, melodic “Faithless”, London electronic pop band Night Games takes it a little slower and darker with “Suffocate”. Get lost in our Song Pick of the day now:

SONG PICK: PLAZA – Blood Orange

“Blood Orange”, the newest single by PLAZA, a young indie-rock band from the industrial seaside town of Hartlepool, surprises with its blend of opposites. While the track starts out blissfully, evoking images of a sun-filled day at the beach with its chill, contemporary surf rock vibe, it intermittently contrasts with almost frantically strumming guitars, recalling waves crashing upon the shore.[…]

VIDEO: Von Sell – I Insist

Watch the video to “I Insist” by Von Sell. You will not see himself in this video – it is more a post-apocalyptic short film shot in an abandoned hotel in Upstate New York.

NEW TRACK: Dog Orchestra – CLUB Fragil (feat. Lune)

Dog Orchestra is a Swedish music collective with anonymous members. The their latest track “CLUB Fragil” the chorus says “Make no mistake / if you touch me I break” and you get the idea she means it. A beautiful track!

Q&A with HEATH

End of April, HEATH released their new EP “JUNE” from which we featured the breathtakingly beautiful “Brambles” as Song Pick of the Day. All four tracks on “June” are amazing and so we wanted to learn a bit more about this Brighton three-piece. Thankfully, HEATH took some time out of their busy[…]

SONG PICK: The Aces – Stuck

The Song Pick of my Birthday is the unabated pop song “Stuck” by Utah four-piece The Aces. It is full of energy, pushed along by a bouncy guitar line and at the time of the second chorus you can already sing along. Have a great Wednesday – I will enjoy[…]