NEW TRACK: Memoryy – Out of the Dark

“Out of the Dark” is the right song to start a weekend: full of energy, with bouncy synths and a sing-along power chorus. Memoryy is Brooklyn producer/singer Shaun Hettinger, who is working on a full length out later this year.

Northside Festival Day 1 Roundup

Finally! The Northside Festival, Brooklyn’s far more intimate and relaxed version of SXSW has started. Aside from short ways between the events, we also enjoy that the action takes place in some of our favorite venues. Our second living room, Union Pool, for example, where we kicked off the festival[…]

Excited for Chaos Chaos // Plastic Waves // Blak Emoji // Painted Zeros @ Knitting Factory for #NSIDE

Summer in the city and Northside Festival in full swing! So many great bands and interesting showcases to choose from, yet here’s one we’re particularly excited about. Granted, we’re also a bit biased but even if these exciting indie rock acts wouldn’t perform at our and Audiofemme’s showcase at one[…]


OTHERKIN hailing from Dublin, Ireland have an EP coming up later this month, and recently released the infectious “Yeah, I know”. It’s an amazing power track, so we made it Song Pick of the Day. Wanting to know more about the four from Dublin, we asked them to be part of our Offstage series.[…]

SONG PICK: Water District – Supernova

There’s just one word that comes immediately to mind when listening to “Supernova”, the new single by Los Angeles indie rock band Water District –beautiful! The meaning behind the track in Water District’s own words: “Supernova is a song about what occurs when people explore new things in search of greatness and success. [..][…]

NEW TRACK: Emyle – Drunk on You

It just love the synth line in this song by L.A. singer Emyle. “Drunk on You” is a straightforward electropop song with a nice 80s vibe.

More Acts Not to Be Missed at Northside 2016

A few days ago, we collected the artists we’ve seen before and would love to see again, any time, hence “glamglare’s Top Picks for Northside 2016“. With Northside Festival just having started, we got a bit more time to look through the line-up more closely, listen to dozens of bands and[…]

SONG PICK: Empara Mi – Wanderlust

Our Song Pick of the Day “Wanderlust” by Empara Mi is a wonderfully slow burning, intense track. It is her first release and there is not much to be found about her, but she has her social media in order, so I am sure we will hear more from her[…]

NEW TRACK: Johnny Kills – Maybe Next Year

Right in time for the warmer days of the year – here’s talking to you, SUMMER!- comes “Maybe Next Year” by Brighton three-piece Johnny Kills. Should the sun not shine for you today, fear not, because “Maybe Next Year” boasts a sheer endless amount of infectious cheerfulness you can’t help but to[…]

3 Is A Band: Joseph

Sometimes, I don’t even need to actually listen to a band to know that I’m intrigued. Gimme siblings, gimme sisters, gimme my second favorite state (after New York, and  to make it easy, it is Oregon) and then a really cool album title like “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” – and[…]