VIDEO: Spaces of Disappearance – No None

Electronic solo artist Elaine HD aka Spaces of Disappearance has at first a nightmarish experience at a bubblegum-colored night club, but she bounces back, forcefully. “No None” is the first single from her upcoming EP “There is No Loss”, out later this year.

SONG PICK: Hockeysmith – Let’s Dagger

More than two years ago, I was super excited about the sisters Georgie and Annabel of Hockeysmith. With their dark blend of guitars and electronics seemed to be destined for greatness, but then, after a three track EP they fell into silence and I was wondering if they haves moved on[…]

3 Is A Band: N-A-I-V-E-S

The sound of N-A-I-V-E-S screams Summer, in all its variations and incarnations: hot, sticky (aka infectious), sunny, glamorous, lush, happy, upbeat… One is quick to think that this three piece originates from sunny California or maybe Australia or at the very least South of something… yet Marc Jacc (vocals, multiple instruments), Lapo Frost[…]

SONG PICK: Aiym Almas – You Must Be True

Aiym Almas is a musician from Los Angeles via Kazakhstan and her latest single “You Must Be True” is a big goosebumps-inducing rock anthem with powerful vocals. “I want to find you / you must be true” she encourages herself as the subject of her search remains elusive. A beautiful[…]

VIDEO: The Hunna – You & Me

The Hunna are quickly becoming one of the hottest young rock bands to originate from the UK and we’re certainly not immune to their highly infectious pop rock! While “You & Me” was released about two months ago, the video has not lost any of its appeal, since it offers everything[…]

NEW TRACK: Chris Malinchak – Tell Me

Something in this song by producer Chris Malinchak sounds like a reminder of a mobile app and this keeps me on the edge as much as the staccato vocals and the beat: you can hardly sit still while listening to this.