SONG PICK: Katie Rose – Wonder

Our Song Pick of the Day is “Wonder”, the uplifting debut single from young Charleston singer/songwriter Katie Rose. It is a goosebumps-inducing big pop song, which could have been used for the key moment in a Broadway show. Katie is working on her EP “Everything Yesterday”, due out on August[…]

3 Is A Band: The Hecks

The Hecks are an industrial, dark post-punk, noise trio from Chicago consisting of Andy Mosiman (guitar, vocals), Dave Vettraino (guitar, vocals) and Zach Hebert (drums,vocals). They have just released “The Thaw”, the blistering single to their upcoming debut album “The Hecks”, to be released later this year on September 2nd[…]

SONG PICK: Secret From Richard – Feel My Fire

Oh, these shimmering guitars! “Feel My Fire” is an irresistible little gem from the start. Just wait until drums, bass, and eventually Jason Sturman‘s soulful, rich and raspy vocals kick in! There is plenty of suspense in the chorus to keep the track grounded but it eventually dissolves on an upbeat, and even cheerful[…]

SONG PICK: Maya Killtron – Never Dance Alone

It is hard not to slip into party mood when listening to the funky soul track “Never Dance Alone” by Maya Killtron. It is unabashedly retro including the (presumably) fake import record cover. Maya had a lot of fun making it, so let it be your soundtrack for dancing through[…]


Love is the “Strangest Game”, Swedish musician MIYNT sings and she certainly has a point. There is not much more to learn in this song, but it flows by as beautifully as a carefree, leisureful day with your loved one. Hopefully there will be more of this on her debut[…]


“Come Get It” is an instant stunner with its mesmerizing feel-good dance vibe, and while this new single by UK duo CHIMES would also be perfect for our ‘Late Night’ series, why wait so long? “Come Get It” is perfect any time of the day, and any day of the week.[…]