SONG PICK: Water District – Supernova



SONG PICK: Water District – Supernova

There’s just one word that comes immediately to mind when listening to “Supernova”, the new single by Los Angeles indie rock band Water District –beautiful! The meaning behind the track in Water District’s own words: “Supernova is a song about what occurs when people explore new things in search of greatness and success. [..] it is written from the perspective of someone reaching out to a loved one who left them behind and moved to the big city in search of fulfilling their big dreams.”

“Supernova” is an elegantly crafted song, giving ample room to a catchy melody played on a (real) piano, with steady drum beats, alluring guitar work, and letting Tice Griffin’s smooth and charming vocals shine. I get a bit of a Death Cab for Cutie vibe here, of some of their finest works like “I Possess Your Heart”, and if you like the latter, you should totally love “Supernova”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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