SONG PICK: Pure Youth – Other Side

Pure Youth, a four piece based in London, make beautifully melodic indie rock, with a catchiness that is impossible to resist. Their latest single “Other Side” is no exception!  Dave Hibbert (vocals, guitar) provides insight to what the track is about: it “is about longing to be back in a good place in your life- with a particular person, or a literal place that means a lot to them. The track is a message to those that have had an effect on me in some way, not necessarily within love, but more so with friendship and how people can just come and go.” Definitely can relate to that!

VIDEO: Balcony – Satisfied

Earlier this month, London based four piece Balcony, comprised of members from three different continents, have released their new single “Satisfied”. Now, they added stunning visuals to the irresistibly alluring track. The video brings the underlying melancholy and understated beauty of “Satisfied” masterly to life. Shot basically in one long take, the[…]

[PHOTOS] I Am Snow Angel Live at Rockwood Music Hall

Before I Am Snow Angel, real name Julie Kathryn, starts her show at Rockwood Music Hall, she carries a mad scientist lab’s worth of equipment, including her own light show, on stage. And then she puts on one of the finest electronic solo shows I have ever seen: she plays[…]


London electronic duo SUNS have just dropped their new single “Catalyse”, following last Fall’s EP “We Were Kings”. When the track starts, one is tempted to dismiss it as cool but… but a few more beats in, there’s no more question, we’re hooked! Didn’t see this coming… “Catalyse” develops, takes some turns[…]

Northside Music Festival 2016 Recap in PHOTOS

Is it two weeks already since we danced the night away with Grandmaster Flash, playing our favorite tunes? Two weeks since we enjoyed treasured favorites and made new discoveries who will soon be among our darlings too? Roughly fourteen days that glamglare co-hosted their very first showcase at Knitting Factory together with Audiofemme. So[…]

SONG PICK: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself

Erin Fein aka Psychic Twin has been making dark, atmospheric electronic music for years – in fact we have already live seen her live two times at CMJ and SXSW. Finally she is ready to unveil her debut album “Strange Diary”, out on September 9. Lead single “Lose Myself” is[…]

[PHOTOS] The Hunna Bring Indie Rock from the U.K. to Mercury Lounge

The Hunna are a four-piece indie rock band from Hertfordshire, England and they are currently touring the U.S. When they played renowned Mercury Lounge in mid June, everybody in attendance knew that this was a special treat, since they are easily filling bigger venues with their passionate stage presence and hook-laden[…]