SONG PICK: Pierce Fulton – False Proof

When “False Proof” landed in my inbox, I listened to the track without any prior knowledge or bias and loved what I heard: a smooth, alt-rock song, with an irresistible hook and intriguing song progression, charming vocals and an overall groovy vibe. After having listened to it for the third time, I knew[…]

SONG PICK: Factory Floor – Dial Me In

Factory Floor, the masters of endlessly building semi-instrumental, apocalyptic tracks are back with a new single off their upcoming album “25 25”, announced for August 25. Their debut was one of my favorite records in 2013 and judging from “Dial Me In”, they stay course with their signature sound and[…]

NEW TRACK: Kendra Morris – Cry Sometimes

“Cry Sometimes” is new song by our friend Kendra Morris who has been releasing new tracks on her YouTube channel. This one is an intense, soulful track about a final separation. We are looking forward to her new EP “Babble”, due on June 17.

SONG PICK: Elizabritz – Fantasy

SONG PICK: Elizabritz – Fantasy Elizabritz, the duo of Rachel Eff of California and the somewhat mysterious North Carolina producer Fantom, had an already strong debut with “Falls”, but I like this one, our Song Pick of the Day, even more. The topic is slightly more upbeat: Rachel has a[…]

SONG PICK: Drew Vogelsang – Days

When I first listened to “Days” by Drew Vogelsang, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics but simply enjoyed the effortless flow of the song, enjoyed its chilled and laid-back vibe. Only now, listening to it again under different circumstances, the lyrics jump out when Drew Vogelsang softly states “And[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Zoey Lily – Edges

Zoey Lily is a new 19-year old singer/songwriter who grew up surrounded by music. Today she released her first track “Edges” and while she wrote and arranged herself, it is not a DIY bedroom production, but a rather polished affair layering big acoustic and electronic textures. But the track stands[…]

Q&A with Mike Sal

When I came across “Beyond You And I” by Mike Sal earlier this year, I loved the track from the spot and featured it as one of glamglare’s Late Night picks. The song got stuck in my head for weeks and became an integral part of my favorites playlists. So it[…]

SONG PICK: Bakers Eddy – Wallbreaker

“I won’t stop until I won” sing Bakers Eddy and we are happy to believe them so much urgency but also earnestness is in the latest track by this Wellington, Australia four-piece. “Wallbreaker” is unapologetically indie-rock, with driving beats, chiming guitars and an anthem like chorus – and our Song Pick of the[…]