PHOTOS: Danielle Cardona live at Black Bear Bar

We met singer/songwriter Danielle Cardona in a bar years ago, but sadly never managed to see a show of hers. Fortunately that streak was broken a couple of weeks ago at the Black Bear Bar when she took the stage with a full band. Recorded, she has relied mostly on an[…]


Toronto’s four piece BLAJK follow-up their smart synth-pop  single “French Class”, and our first Song Pick of the Day 2016, with an equally dazzling song. The just released “Good Liars” lets Jordan Radics’ deep and raspy-charming vocals shine to the fullest and everything else falls beautifully into place: the carefully put guitar chimes,[…]

NEW ALBUM: Pretty City – Colorize

“Colorize” is the perfect title for Pretty City‘s debut album. It’s like splattering  different shades of color, like musical sub-genres of indie rock onto  different songs. When I first heard of Pretty City and listened to their single “Melt”, I was instantly hooked, so much so that I made “Melt” Song Pick[…]

SONG PICK: Boudoir Noir – Wild Valentine

Boudoir Noir is a three-piece from Michigan and I already loved their first single “Endless Dawn”. Our Song Pick of the Day is the second track from their upcoming EP, also called “Endless Dawn”. It is a sensual love song that combines electronic and acoustic beats with oriental melodies. That[…]


With “I Got Something” KYTES  unleashed a great feel-good-song, sporting hand-clapping and a catchy sing-along chorus. And… the track already got remixed by super producer Robot Koch, lending the tune his melodic, delicate touch.  As if that’s not yet enough of the good, KYTES released a cheeky fun video to go with the track today![…]

VIDEO: Liana Bank$ – LVLUP

I love New York videos and this is a particularly good one. Upcoming artist Liana Bank$ has fun on a night out in Manhattan and she enjoys dancing on Times Square and the escalator on the World Trade Center Path station. The track “LVLUP” is also so good with its[…]

SONG PICK: Djustin – Tryst

I find it hard to resist 80s-style synth arpeggios and our Song Pick of the Day “Tryst” by the trans-continental duo Djustin is full of them. The two members Rose Suau and Johan Andergård found a high musical compatibility brought them together and they formed the band before they ever[…]

3 Is A Band: SKYES

Always excited to be able to feature a three-piece from my own ‘hood… and SKYES from Brooklyn are a band not to be missed. The more I listen to SKYES, the more I totally dig them. While on the surface, you might write SKYES  off as “yet another electronic band”, they run so[…]


Bradford five-piece NGOD follow-up their charming debut single “Are You Satisfied” with another stunner. The just released “Blue” lets Sam Augustine’s striking vocals shine even more and demonstrates the band’s serious songwriting chops. From the start, “Blue” is hypnotic as well as super catchy and sports a must-chime-in chorus. Listen to “Blue”, our Our Song Pick of the Day:[…]

VIDEO: Leitbur – Antique Travelers

Just in time for the friendlier months of the year arrives “Antique Travelers”, a romantic synthpop sparkler that is as catchy as it is happiness-inducing.”Antique Travelers” evokes the glorious feelings of strolling through a bright, sun-drenched landscape while enjoying a mild breeze from the ocean which is not too far-fetched given that this is the brand[…]