SONG PICK: Shady Groves – Hourglass

“Hourglass” evokes the feeling of endless, blissful Summer days, the illusion that everything is right and that there’s not a care in the world. And when Adam Fitzgerald persuasively croons: “It’s not a crime, to think that I could be your life line / life long I’ll give you my time, cause[…]

VIDEO: Oyinda – Never Enough

“Watch me move like I’m up on a big screen” Oyinda sings in her new single “Never Enough”. Take the advice and blow up this video on the biggest screen you can play YouTube videos on – you won’t regret it.

PHOTOS: Doomsquad Know How to Enchant at Elysium (SXSW)

I’m listening to Doomsquad on SoundCloud while reflecting on their mind-blowing amazing live performance almost two weeks ago at Austin’s Elysium, the perfect venue by the way to see a band of Doomsquad’s caliber! For me, Doomsquad’s sound can get best described as the playfulness of Talking Heads meets the virtuosity of LCD[…]

SONG PICK: Nicole Sabouné – Lifetime

Sweden is well-known for synth pop, but this track is more like big, dark rock. I hear Savages in it, Sisters of Mercy and even some U2. “Lifetime” is the single out of Nicole Sabounés second album “Miman” and I can only hope that she considers a world tour.

3 Is A Band: Flawes

What immediately got me hooked are the vocals: smooth yet not too soft, powerful but not too much, full-bodied and just perfect… perfect for the elegantly sparse setting and overall alluring vibe that Flawes create. Flawes… a half year old UK trio consisting of Josh Carruthers (vocals, keys), Freddie Edwards (guitar) and Josh Hussey (drums)[…]

PHOTOS: Overcoats Surprise at Stephen F.’s Bar (SXSW)

If the name ‘Overcoats‘ makes you think of a folk band, you are already half way there: Hana and JJ are two friends, who met in college and started singing together to an electric guitar. They showed that side of their music during the first part of their set and they[…]

SONG PICK: Lyon Apprentice – Alice

“Alice” by Manchester, UK via Australia sibling-duo Lyon Apprentice (Adam and Nathan Lyons) is not ‘yet’ another song about a woman named Alice, but it is a tribute to Adam’s long time friend, whom he met while working as a physiologist  and who told him about her marriage and having[…]

SONG PICK: Frenship – Carpet

Frenship are a duo from Los Angeles and they do a sunny brand of electro pop and the track “Carpet” is about a moment when a relationship and a love takes a turn – to the better, one can assume. It’s our Song Pick of the Day and a great[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo Play an Alluring Mix of New Material and Fan Favorites at Tellers (SXSW)

The prospect of attending a Dead Leaf Echo concert holds the promise of total immersion in sweeping guitars, mellow vocals and dreamy indie rock arrangements. Regardless whether on their home turf in Brooklyn, or as deep into the country as in Austin, Texas, the four members of Dead Leaf Echo know how to deliver! After having[…]