Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Monday evening is in sight, and we’re in the mood for something dreamy with a psychedelic touch, created in Stockholm – a city attracting lots of interesting musical acts. Les Big Bird are our Song Pick of Monday with I Woke Up In A Dream.

On Monday we started watching season 3 of Nashville and our Song Pick of Tuesday is from Pony Boy, who resides in Nashville. She just released her album Blue Gold and played the AmericanaFest, but her music could also pass as indie rock.

From The Top of The World by Brooklyn’s Dreams Of June is such a chill, mellow and alluring little number that makes for listening to it on repeat. Put a little calm and beauty into your day and listen to our Song Pick of Wednesday.

White Royal are from Leeds, they are working on a new album and Royal White is a breed of sheep. That’s all I know. But this track and the others you find on Soundcloud make appetite for more. That’s why it is our Song Pick of the Thursday.

Friday’s Song Pick of the Day came from Leeds, UK and now we’re traveling a bit further up, leaving England, are entering Scotland and are heading right to Edinburgh, where Man of Moon welcome us with The Road, a driving, soothing, beautifully charming track with psychedelic notes.

Dream into fall with this Song Pick of Saturday from Briana Marela’s second album All Around Us. I love the odd beat that kind of keeps you on the edge throughout the track.

Fernando makes music in Portland, Oregon for quite some time. Our Song Pick of Sunday is a track from his late album Leave The Radio On. I like how it becomes suddenly loud and very rough.