3 Is A Band: Little Racer



3 Is A Band: Little Racer

I’ve known Little Racer’s music for quite a while but only now, with having lost or dropped their fourth member and with being on Papercup Music, I stumbled across them again. Almost literally, because I saw them in the audience for a show at UO Live Stage on Bedford Ave during Northside Festival. (Williamsburg is such  a small place after all…). 

Certainly exciting news is that Little Racer released their new EP Foreign Tongues not even two weeks ago, and all four tracks are instantly likable, up-beat, summer-ready and highly catchy songs. There’s also  a video for Montevideo, the maybe catchiest song of them all. 

Filmed in washed-out colors with a distinctive London 60s feel to it: clothing, use of vehicles, smoking, heck they even bounce a soccer ball around. It’s great fun to see Elliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass), and Wade Michael (guitar) walk, dance, hang around, smoke, drink, and play their instruments throughout the video, ultimately surviving the lousy nine to five!
Try to get by on a lousy 9 to 5 // We won’t starve for nothing

Okay, Montevideo is not really taking place in London, but who cares! Why shouldn’t Brooklyn (?) serve as backdrop for a beautiful song and a well made, feel-good band video?!

In describing Little Racer’s sound, they summarize it best themselves: 

NYC. Garage rockers without garages. Surf rockers that can’t swim.

— https://www.facebook.com/littleracer/info?tab=page_info

There’s also the video for Vanessa, and the discussion around Vanessa sounding too similar to The Stone Roses’s I Wanna Be Adored and, well… all I’d say is that inspiration must come from somewhere. Given that Vanessa is one of Littler Racer’s older songs and the newer material is even better, this can be regarded as “growing pains”. It’s a cool song, regardless.

Follow Little Racer on their Facebook page and/or Twitter and stay tuned for more info in regards to a release party at Union Pool on July 17th!