3 Is A Band: Little May



3 Is A Band: Little May

Little May are a three piece band from Sydney, Australia comprised of Liz Drummond (vocals, rhythm guitar), Hannah Field (vocals) and Annie Hamilton (lead guitar, vocals). 

What immediately got my attention, when listening to Little May was how much they remind me of Warpaint, the Californian all-female band with members hailing from Oregon, California and also Australia (Stella Mozgawa, the drummer), THE band you will probably find the most about on glamglare! With sounding, in a way, similar to an already beloved band is certainly a plus but can also be a minus yet no negatives to be found here!

The three women behind Little May definitely know how to craft compelling songs and how to make them come alive to the fullest. They sing in three-part harmony and use all sorts of acoustic guitars. They are very much on the folk end of the spectrum – which Warpaint for example are not. There’s a banjo to be heard on Boardwalk, and ever since Mumford and Suns’ super hit, I reacted with antipathy to a banjo but not so with Little May. I still prefer to hear as little banjo as necessary (sorry, personal preference) but it can enhance a song, like Boardwalk for example – and it also doesn’t make an appearance in the video.

My favorite song of Little May has to be Hide with it’s compelling urgency, chiming melody guitar, and some sort of African drumming that was made mega popular by Vampire Weekend. The way how Hannah Fields sings on Hide also reminds me the most of Warpaint. Listen for yourself:

Enchanting video with some visuals from Australia (I’d assume):

Follow Little May on Facebook and/or Twitter and get in the mood by listening to their enchanting EP. Why stop at one or two songs if you can have them all?

If you’d like to know more about Little May, then check out this cool interview in the Australian ROTUNDAMEDIA from October, 2014 and see Little May live  while they’re touring Europe and the USA: