NEW ALBUM: Avid Dancer – 1st Bath



NEW ALBUM: Avid Dancer – 1st Bath

I decided to listen to 1st Baththe debut album of Avid Dancer, simply because I was intrigued by the band name as well as the album cover. Several beats into the opening track All The Other Girls, I was already hooked and listened through the entire album and then a few more times on repeat. Different music speaks to different situations in our lives and it seems that the music on 1st Bath is exactly what I “need” and want right now.

1st Bath is the debut album of Jacob Dillan Summers, who performs under the name Avid Dancer. The album features twelve beautiful, mostly upbeat, and mainly mellow songs without ever being boring. In the contrary! There are plenty of killer hooks to be heard and lots of hidden gems to be discovered. The instrumentation is interesting too: driving beats (probably due to the fact that Jacob Dillan Summers once used to be a drumline champion), with synths, and rhythm guitars, and the occasional more piercing guitar melody lines (my favs!) and all held together by Jacob Summers’ charming, soothing voice. 

Researching a bit more, I came across the following description for 1st Bath on Amazon: “Debut LP from LA-based songsmith Jacob Dillan Summers, who records lush baroque pop and shimmering psychedelia under the name Avid Dancer.” This pretty much sums it up. My favorite tracks on the album have to be Medication and Up Against The Wall, and while you can listen to a few of the other songs online, you’d need to buy them. If you like what you hear online, get the entire album, because it’s truly great!


  1. All The Other Girls
  2. Stop Playing With My Heart
  3. All Your Words Are Gone
  4. I Told You So
  5. Not Far To Go
  6. All The Things You Keep
  7. Medication
  8. I Want To See You Dance
  9. Whatever’s On Your Mind
  10. Nobody Else
  11. Why Did I Leave You Behind
  12. Up Against A Wall

For updates, follow Avid Dancer on Facebook and/or Twitter. To read more about the man behind Avid Dancer, check out this RedBull Sound Select interview from August 2014.

Listen to the upbeat, optimistic and simply beautiful All Your Words Are Gone, just the right tune to start into a new day and enjoy the early Summer days…

Watch an acoustic and stripped down version of Stop Playing With My Heart.