MUSIC BUZZ: Band names // Banks // Tidal // More



MUSIC BUZZ: Band names // Banks // Tidal // More

Paste Magazine has a nice piece about the request to change the band name throughout the music history. For example the Spanish band Hinds (fka Deers):

“We received an email from a Canadian lawyer saying that our name created confusion with his band’s name. And that name is not even Deers. (LOL),” the band posted on their Twitter. Seriously, if a prog band from Providence called the Dear Hunter can coexist with Bradford Cox’s outfit Deerhunter, why can’t these women keep their original name? Incidentally, “hind” is another name for a female deer.

Banks at Rough Trade

Banks at Rough Trade

Californian singer/songwriter Banks, whose 2014 album Goddess was in both Elke’s and my top ten, gave a interview to Noisey before she went on stage for Letterman. As always, Banks gets very personal, for example how she approaches songwriting:

I don’t have to get myself in the mood, life gets me in that mood, and then I have to make music to get myself out of that mood if that makes sense.

She just released an album with remixes off Goddess and hopefully will return soon to recording some new material.

It was the second week of bashing new music service Tidal. Lily Allen, for example, took it to Twitter:

She also notes that exclusives on one service just encourages piracy. And exactly that happened: Beyoncé’s first exclusive, a personal video filmed by Jay-Z, was available on YouTube within minutes. Rain News writes:

While last week’s media coverage of Tidal was all about the launch and new celebrity ownership, today the publicity is all about how one key subscription value is not worth paying for, because the content is everywhere.

My favorite new release was The Air Conditioned Nightmare by the band Doldrums (Spotify link), the band of Canadian musician Airick Woodhead. His brand of electronic music walks a fine line between pop and weirdness. Also, I know I have seen them live, but I can’t remember when.