Modern Chemistry live at Red 7 Patio, Austin SXSW 2015

The rain has finally stopped and while it was certainly much warmer that early Spring evening in Austin than it would have been in New York or say New Jersey, it was still kinda cold, yet Modern Chemistry put enough heat into their show to fire up their audience at Red 7’s[…]

Wolf Alice live at The Parish, Austin SXSW 2015

Without ever having listened to any of Wolf Alice‘s songs but somehow knowing that this might be a cool UK band to see, we headed over to The Parish where there was luckily no waiting in line for us and where we could instantly find ourselves in the middle of an exhilarating show! Wolf[…]


SXSW in Austin, Texas wrapped up last Sunday and most attendants agree that it was an improvement over last year’s event: it was slightly smaller, better organized and felt a good deal safer. The New York Times sums it up: This year SXSW took a small yet welcome step back[…]

Dreamers live at Main II, Austin SXSW 2015

When preparing a “schedule” for SXSW, it becomes very quickly apparent that Wednesday and Thursday are the days with the most shows and parties. Every hour one could go see at least five favorite bands! Not so day one of the festival, Tuesday. Granted, my partner in crime and I[…]

THROWBACK: Ideal – Eiszeit

Here’s another throwback to the early 80s: The Berlin band Ideal) with their first hit single Eiszeit (Ice Age). Ideal was one of the early bands of the Neue Deutsche Welle and represented the more punk branch of the movement. Looking at it today, they combined heavy guitars with Kraftwerk-like[…]

The Districts live at The Fader Fort, Austin SXSW 2015

Mid February, I came across The District‘s album A Flourish And A Spell, could not stop listening to it, and put my thoughts into an album review. Naturally, they were high up on my list of “must sees” when in Austin for the music festival. With all planning though, it looked as if[…]

SXSW Day 4 (part 1): The Districts // George Maple // Mansionair

From my perspective this was supposed to be Ibeyi day, so we rushed to the convention center to pick up SXXpress passes (some sort of wildcard that can help to get into a venue in time) for their evening show at the church. After attending a panel we decided to[…]