NEW ALBUM: Björk – Vulnicura

Björk is arguably one of the greatest contemporary artists, but too me, for the last decade or so, it felt what she wanted was almost too much for what is still at the core of her expression: the music. In the 90s she was a mostly electronic musician, but with[…]

NEW ALBUM: The Districts – A Flourish and A Spoil

I listened to the debut album A Flourish and A Spoil by The Disctricts while preparing a birthday party for a friend and listened to it on repeat. With 10 songs on the album, I listened to each one of them easily 5 or more times. I did notice differences in the[…]

THROWBACK: Howard Jones – What Is Love

In preparation for this segment, I find myself doing exactly what I’ve been doing 32 years ago: listening to What Is Love on repeat. For the fourth time by now, to be precise. For me, it has not lost it’s luster and the theme of the song is timeless anyway. We[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Sea Change – Breakage

If you know that Ellen Sundes, who records as Sea Change, is from Norway, you might have a good idea what her music is like and your guess is probably not too far off. Still, Sea Change’s debut album Breakage is the best I’ve heard from Scandinavian electro pop in[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Twin River – Should the Light Go Out

Twin River is a five-piece from Vancouver, Canada and, for some reason, I seem to like everyting with “twin” in the name or made by actual twins. Should The Light Go Out has some psychedelic 60s vibe without being retro – a great record to get you into a good[…]

ALBUM REVIEW: Ibeyi – Ibeyi

The first I heard of Ibeyi was their third single Mama Says, a beautiful, but heartbreaking song about the passing of their father at 45 and their mother’s reaction to it. “It pisses me off, it drives me mad / That she let’s herself feel so bad” sings Lisa-Kainde Diaz.[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Zane Lowe // Rhapsody // More

Zane Lowe is one of U.K.’s most famous radio personalities and he is well known for kick-starting artists’ carriers, for example Elke’s and my 2014 top ten favorite Banks. Now he moves to LA and works for Apple. Naturally, Apple won’t tell what his future role will be, but it[…]