3 Is A Band: Fun Lovin’ Criminals

This article in the 3IsABand series could be as well in the Live Soundtrack series, since it’s quite the “Throwback Thursday”, given the fact that the band’s first studio album came out in 1996. I picked the CD up at the Times Square Virgin Mega Store on my trip to[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: The Smashing Pumpkins – Adore

The Smashing Pumpkins are one of the most successful rock bands of the 90s, so it is odd that I discovered them only by the end of the decade. To be precise: Elke discovered them via the Depeche Mode tribute album For The Masses and then then went out to[…]

PHOTOS: MOTHXR live at Pianos

The shows I usually go to, hold a nice balance between female and male audience. Granted, there are  shows that  appeal more to one or the other but usually it’s somewhat evened out. Not totally to my surprise, this was quite different on Wednesday at Pianos. The 160 people venue was[…]

2014 Top 5 to 1: Elke’s Choice

5. The Kooks – Listen Everybody remembers Ooh La from The Kook’s debut album Inside In/Inside Out, no?! Well, I do and I truly loved this album and awaited the follow-up eagerly. Sadly, I didn’t really like it. Even worse with The Kook’s third effort. So, when Listen, their fourth studio[…]

2014 Top 5 to 1: Oliver’s Choice

5. Banks – Goddess Banks did everything right with this album: she took very personal and intmate songs, which she reportedly wrote in her bedroom on a toy keyboard and enlisted help to wrap them into gorgeous tracks that fit perfectly into the musical trends of 2014. While this is[…]

NEW MUSIC: Adryelle – Rainbows

Adryelle plays a new song on a bunch of keyboards and a drum machine in what looks like her room in Baltimore. She has also an exceelent EP Waiting Room out at Bandcamp

MUSIC BUZZ: FKA twigs // St. Vincent // More

FKA twigs is nominated for a Grammy For “Best Recording Package”. Which is Grammy-ese for best record cover art. What does an artist, who arguably created one of them most exciting albums of the year, when she’s nominated for best record cover? Be offended and maybe give the invitation to[…]

3 Is A Band: Fiction Plane

In today’s preparation for our #3IsABand series, I wanted to do something special and decided on a band, who I came to love in early 2009: Fiction Plane.  I was lucky enough to see Fiction Plane performing live on August 13th 2009, at Mercury Lounge. It was an early show and I made[…]

2014 Top 10 to 6: Elke's Choice

10. Royal Blood – Royal Blood Before the album officially came out in late August, there were at least two songs of this upcoming record being played in heavy rotation on streaming radio like Shazam or Spotify: Out Of The Black and Come on Over. Both are strong, high energy songs with a[…]