Elke Nominikat



Elke Nominikat

Hi there –

Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to introduce myself and tell you where to find me and why.

– I really dig Twitter which makes it my preferred social media outlet!

– I headed community at Fotolog from June 2004 to January 2010 and several Fotolog blogs during that time. nydiscovery and my movie blog are still worth to be checked out. 

– The Dragon Year 2012 brings a lot of changes but also opportunities. With that, I started my own businesses: not just one but two! You can hire my Social Media Consulting services and/or browse my jewelry store Awesome Twenty – which is currently still in the making and opening no later than early July 2012!

– Let’s network on LinkedIn – don’t be shy!

– I started blogging years before the term was coined, abandoned it, started new blogs, blogged on Fotolog, but I am about to regularly blog again. 

– Facebook Fan Page: In February 2009, I started my Facebook Fan Page and update it still although irregularly so.

– Everybody has a Facebook page, no?

– Music plays a huge role in my life, not only did I start to play guitar again (I learned guitar when I was a young child barely seven years old and stopped in my twenties!), but I also started making and recording my own music. You find cuts from my favorite shows as well some of my own stuff in my YouTube channel.

– Photography is an important passion of mine. Here’s Oliver and my concert photos portfolio.

– Last but not least, I do have a Google profile, for quite a while, actually.

Lots of love from New York!