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Booking – glamglare presents


glamglare Curated Live Shows

We curate, host and promote showcases in New York City to introduce emerging, ambitious artists to new audiences.

To get an idea how a glamglare curated showcase looks like and how we feature it on our blog, check out glamglare presents.

glamglare Promotion

We promote our showcases via our blog and social channels. The promotion includes:

  • Individually designed online flyers and banners with the names of all artists
  • Facebook Event on the glamglare Live NYC and glamglare pages with all acts being invited as co-hosts
  • Posters at the venue
  • Online Ticket Sale on or the venue’s preferred ticket seller
  • Regular posts on glamglare and our individual Twitter and Instagram accounts leading up to the show
  • Posts of photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter during the show
  • Writeup with high-quality, edited photos after the show on glamglare

After the show, we provide artists with the edited, high-quality photos we took during the show for royalty-free use with attribution to glamglare.

Artist Promotion

We expect showcasing artists to use their own social channels to promote the show as soon as the gig is confirmed. Please note that you are expected to bring 15+ people including at least 10 paying guests in order to make the event commercially viable for all parties.

  • You can use our Facebook Events for RSVP or create your own.
  • We share the show banner in different formats, including one for printing posters via dropbox.
  • If you have restrictions in promoting our showcase, e.g. due to exclusivity policies by another venue, please let us know as soon as possible. This is not ideal, but we can usually work something out.
  • Again, we trust you to know best how to get your fans informed and excited, e.g. Instagram stories, specific show hashtags, promotional videos, shoutouts on twitter, etc.

We know from experience that the most successful shows, got also successfully promoted.

Exclusivity/Radius Clause

glamglare has no set exclusivity policy but the venue may have one. Please let us know if you play other shows in the NYC Metro area four weeks before and after our showcase (we’ll find out anyway). We’ll assess the impact on your draw individually and may ask you to play a showcase at a different date.


glamglare showcases are compensated by door split. For a show we may receive money for ticket, online, bar and other sales. After deducting the venue’s overhead for sound, door and security we pay out 80% to the performing acts. The share for each act is calculated using the count at the door (make sure that your fans make themselves known). We do not charge artists for performing at our showcases, even if sales don’t cover the venue overhead.

Guarantees can be negotiated on an individual basis. Please note that we believe that our door split ensures a fair payout for every artist and a guarantee likely means that you over- or undercharge.


There is typically no monetary compensation for official festival showcases, neither for artists nor for glamglare as a presenter.


100% of merch sales go to the artists, unless the venue’s policy says otherwise. Please let us know in advance if you’re planning to sell merch so we can do the necessary arrangements.


If you stick around after the last act of the night has finished playing, we may be able to pay you immediately in cash. If not, we will notify you about the amount of your share within 24 hours and ask you for an invoice and your preferred payment method. At this point we can pay via a mailed check or PayPal. We will add more payment methods in the future. Transaction fees are charged to the payee.