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Pintandwefall – Mostly Me

Wednesdays, like Saturdays, I like to take the opportunity to look back a month or so and see what I’ve missed. That’s when I deliberately look for new releases that did not land in my inbox but are waiting to be discovered on their own. Despite Seventh Baby being already[…]

Rosie Carney

Rosie Carney – dad

London-based singer/songwriter Rosie Carney takes a turn to heavier rock sounds with her new single “dad” from her upcoming album “i wanna feel happy‘. The song describes the vague state of mind that something is not right. Rosie does not hint at the source of her thoughts, but something feels[…]

Marci – Entertainment

Hard to believe that the beautifully lush and alluring “Entertainment” would be a musician’s debut single. While the vibrant track, out via Arbutus Records, marks indeed Marci’s first release as a solo artist, she is no newcomer to the scene. Using Marci as her moniker, Marta Cikojevic plays keyboards in[…]

Paula Jivén

Paula Jivén – Breaking Up With a Friend

The older you get, the more friendships tend to fade away rather than being broken up. But with 18, Swedish singer/songwriter Paula Jivén is at a point in her life where things including childhood friendships change rapidly. There is no melancholia in “Breaking Up With a Friend,” though. The bouncy[…]

The Bergamot – Where the Wind Blows

After all the social distancing and lockdown measures we’ve been through over the past two years, “Where the Wind Blows” feels like a much-needed clarion call to maybe worry a little less and live life a little more. “Where the Wind Blows” is the new single by The Bergamot, comprised[…]


Warpaint – Stevie

The new Warpaint single Stevie” is an all-out love song. Singer/guitarist Emily Kokal had had it in her mind for many years before it took on shape. Lighter and more playful than much of the band’s other work, the track makes us even more curious about the upcoming album “Radiate[…]

Katy J Pearson – Talk Over Town [Video]

Katy J Pearson follows her brilliant debut album “Return” with “Talk Over Town,” the first single from her sophomore record. The characteristics of her glorious signature sound can be enjoyed with “Talk Over Town:” the vibrant guitars, the sparkling electronic touches, the slightly surreal storytelling, and of course her gorgeous[…]

Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus – Lost

Zola Jesus is back with her fifth full-length album “Arkhon” (if you count “Stridulum” with was originally released as EPs). We have to wait until May 20 to hear the whole thing, but judging from the single “Lost,” she does not deviate much from her big dramatic sounds, even though[…]

MARIA Die RUHE – Superrare [Song & Video Premiere]

“Superrare,” the new single by avant-tech-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE is an exhilarating piece of pop music, and we are excited to exclusively premiere it today. The track is accompanied by a fascinating, colorful video reflecting the song’s beautiful vibrancy.  MARIA Die RUHE envisioned and produced the video, with Arvid[…]